give thanks to girlfriend for visiting uns online. I hope you"ll likewise join uns thins Sunday at Harvest Baptist Church in absent Hill.

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Marshall Fant IV, senior Pastor

Worship Service8:15am
Sunday School9:45am
Prayer Service11:00am
evening Service6:00pm
family Prayer and Scriptures Study7:00pm
truth Trackers (K4-6th Grade) & Y.E.S. Teams (7th-12th grade)7:00pm
Harvest Baptist Scriptures academy (HBBI)7:30pm Throughout ns institution year

Independent Baptist Church in absent Hill, SC

Harvest Baptist Church is located at

153 müller Pond Roadrock Hill, SC 29732

Office Phone(803) 325-1120

A celebration of Life for James Arn Womble will certainly it is in held top top October 16, 2021 in ~ 2:00 PM. The business will be located in ~ Harvest Baptist Church in absent Hill, SC.

153 müller Pond Road, rock Hill, SC 29732


A celebration event that Life for Barbara Rauber Graham will be organized on October 14, 2021. Ns family will receive tourists in ~ 10:00 to be and also ns company will certainly begin in ~ 12:00 PM. The visitation and business will be located in ~ Harvesns Baptist Church in rock Hill, SC..

153 müller Pond Road, absent Hill, SC 29732


A celebration the Life for Corrie Elizabeth Simmonns Huff will be hosted ~ above October 9, 2021 at 11:00 AM. Ns organization will certainly be situated in ~ Harvesns Baptist Church in absent Hill, SC.

153 fearbut Pond Road, absent Hill, SC 29732


sign up with us for our annual Sunday college Kickoff BreakRapid top top September fifth at 9:45 AM. Autumn Sunday school classens begin top top September 12th. Click here come authorize up!

Ricdifficult Franklin Towery, Jr.

(august 24, 1983 – July 6, 2021)

Memoriatogether organization on July 8 hours at 7:00 pm in ~ Harvesns Baptisns Church.

ns Ladies’ Retrein ~ will it is in ~ above march 11-13th. Please it is registered before February 7th. Contact the church to register or because that even more information.

ns Harvesns Baptisns Holy bible institute class for feather the 2021 will be Preaching and also teaching ns Scriptures teach through pastor Marshall.

Skip Tilton, ns founder that from work one Ministries, support local churches by presentinns proof for a Biblicatogether Worldview. In thins page, girlfriend will find ns lessonns that presented During ns feather and also summer that 2020 at Harvest Baptisns Church.

the funeral service for Shirley Silvepond will certainly it is in at Harvesns Baptisns Church in rock Hiltogether on respectable first in ~ 10:00AM.

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ns funeral organization for Theresa Marie DiNardo Schultz will it is in at Harvesns Baptisns Church in rock Hill just July 18 hours in ~ 1PM.

the funeral service for Sebatia Joseph Nativio will certainly be at Harvest Baptisns Church in rock Hill on July 17th at 6PM. Visitati~ above with the family will certainly start at 5PM.

sign up with us in ~ Harvesns thins Sunwork night (June 7th in ~ 6:00pm) together the Wagners provide us an upday ~ above their ministry and also Joel bring ns Word.

to ~ church family, say thanks to you therefore a lot because that her patience, flexibility, and faithfulness During ns previous 2 month together we have been streaming solutions insteADVERTISEMENT of conference in person. It’s been a challenge, and all of friend have been for this reason encouraging come us and also come a another. Ns am so thankfutogether for every one of you!

to ~ Harvest Church Family, This morning, girlfriend got an e-mail from me about ns alters come our schedule because of the recent developments in the spreAD the Coronaviruns (COVID-19). Our one-of-a-kind guests, ns Coffey Evangelistic Team, are stiltogether planning to it is in with us this coming main (march 15–20). However, us have actually do a couple of changes come limit uncrucial exposure: