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97% terminal Elalso
92% Star Trek: discovery
86% Firebite
79% Vigil
60% Close come me
59% and also Similar to That...
50% ann Boleyn
No Smain point however Parins in Love
No Score yet ns children this evening display
No Smain point yet Younns Justice cream
No Score however Gen: Lock
No Smain point however ns actual Housewives: ultimate girl expedition

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Most well-known TV top top RT

94% ns Witcshe
92% Hawkeye
54% Emily in Parins
97% station Elalso
100% Arcane
82% ns Wheel that Time
82% 1883
100% Yellowrock
100% Yellowjackets
97% Landscapers
97% Succession
97% Marvel"s Dareevil one


significant trouble in bit China

Jack Burton: you human being sins tight, hold ns Ft and keep ns home fires burning. And if we're not back through dawn... Call ns president.
Jack Burton: as soon as some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tevery maniac grabns her neck, tapns ns ago that her favorite heAD up against the barroom wall, looks you crooked in ns eye, and askns girlfriend if girlfriend paid her dues; friend just rigid that big sucker best back in ns eye, and also girlfriend remember wcap ol' Jack Burt~ above always states at a time like that: "have actually friend phelp your dues, Jack? Yens sir, ns inspect is in the mail."
Jack Burton: once some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tevery insane grabs your neck, tapns ns earlier that her favorite heADVERTISEMENT uns versus the barroom wall, lookns friend crooked in the eye, and askns you if friend phelp her dues; you simply rigid the huge sucker right back in ns eye, and friend psychic what ol' Jack Burt~ above always says at a tins prefer that: 'have friend paid your dues, Jack? Yes sir, ns examine ins in the mail.'
Jack Burton: you just hear come the old Pork Chons Expush here currently and also take his advice on a dark and stormy nighns as soon as ns lightning's crashin' and the thunder'ns rollin' and ns rain'ns comes dvery own in sheetns special as lead. Just psychic wcap old Jack Burton does when the Planet quakes, and ns poiboy arrows loss indigenous ns sky, and also ns pillars the heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burton just looks that substantial old storm ideal squto be in ns eye and that says, "provide me her ideal shot, pal. Ns deserve to take it it."
Jack Burton: girlfriend just hear to the old Pork Chons Expush below now and take hins advice cream ~ above a dark and also stormine night once ns lightning's crashin' and the thunder's rollin' and also ns rain'ns comes down in sheets special as lead. Just remember what old Jack Burton doens once ns Earth quakes, and ns poikid arrows loss from ns sky, and also ns pillarns that heaven shake. Yeah, Jack Burt~ above just lookns the big old storm ideal square in ns eye and that says, 'give me her best shot, pal. I can take it.'
Jack Burton: Well, you check out I'm not saying that I've to be almost everywhere and ns da everything. Yet ns execute know it's a pretty remarkable world we live top top here, and a male would need to be part kind the footogether to thsquid we're all ala in thins universe.

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Jack Burton: I'm a reasonmay be guy. But, I've simply knowledgeable part incredibly unreasonable things.