Year Founded: 1965 religious Affiliation: None college Type: exclusive , city Enrollment: 3800 (permanent undergrad) Tuititop top In State: $24,200 Tuiti~ above the end of State: $24,200 Division: NCAA Ins Conference: Pacific West Conference (division II)

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This is ns Hawains Pacific University Women'ns Basketround scholarship and regimen detailns page. Here you will obtain specifics ~ above ns school and also details top top your Women's Basketball routine favor who come do call through around recruiting, namens of ... ReAD even more

Thins ins the Hawains Pacific College Women"ns Basketround scholarshins and also regimen detailns page. Below friend will certainly get specifics on ns college and also detailns on their Women"ns Basketball regimen like that to do contact through about recruiting, namens the previous alumni, what scholarship avenues are available and also just how come begin the recruitinns process.Hawains Pacific University Women"s basketsphere routine Recruiting and also Coaching Personnelfor anyone that ins trying to acquire recruited it"ns necessary to understand who to build a relationship through - and NCSA has actually ns details you"ll need. The Assistanns coach that ns Hawains Pacific College Women"ns Basketsphere program is McKenzin other words Mangino. Other significant personnel include:Assistanns Coach McKenzin other words ManginoHeAD Coach Reid TakatsukaIf you"re considering coming to be a member that Hawaii Pacific College Women"ns Basketsphere routine these to be ns human being girlfriend need to stop to. You"ltogether have the ability to pick to call castle with email making use of ns connect above or speak to ns school to gain more specificns about ns school and also Women"ns Basketround regimen prior to deciding top top whetshe or not it"s a perfect fit because that you.develop a totally free NCSA ProData to start Connecting through CoachesNCSA uses college student high institution athletes the indevelopment and also tools they must improve your chances of gift recruited through a Women"ns Basketsphere program, whetshe it"s in ~ Hawains Pacific University or an additional college. Due to the fact that 2000, NCSA has actually been connecting athletes and coachens i m sorry is an important part that the recruitinns process. Thins year alone tright here to be 75926 Women"ns Basketsphere high institution athletes making use of the NCSA network, modern technology and also scoutinns specialists come acquire their highlamp in fronns that 6800 coaches at 2106 colleges Women"s Basketround program nationwide.If you desire to join ns Hawaii Pacific University Women"s Basketsphere regimen you have to begin structure relationships and also a highly-visible, experienced quality recruiting profile. Start the procedure as early as possible ins crucial to her success. So develop your cost-free proData to become a shown NCSA Women"s Basketball college student athlete and start connectinns through coaches at ns Hawains Pacific University Women"s Basketsphere routine today.

Athletics Indevelopment Conference: Pacific West Conference (department II) Division: NCAA Ii athletic Director: Darren Vorderbruegge Women's Basketround Coaching employee McKenzin other words Mangino Assistanns Coach McKenzie Mangino Assistant coach Reidentifier Takatsuka HeAD Coach sports readily available Baseball Cheertop Men's Basketsphere Men's Golf Men'ns soccer Men'ns Tennins Men's monitor Softsphere Women'ns Basketround Women's Golf Women'ns soccer Women's Tennis Women'ns track Women's Volleyball see even more on this college
place City/Town located In: Honolulu Population: 800000 major City Closesns to School: Kaneohe street that major City: 8 mile Closest international Airport: Honolulu distance to international Airport: 8 mile Closest other Airport: Honolulu street to other Airport: 8 miles location Description:

Five-acre, urban campuns plus 135-acre, submetropolitan campus in Honolulu (population: 371,657) and Naval science study center in ~ Oceanic Institute, and also branch campuses in ~ several military installation ~ above Oahu. Offered by air. College operates transportation in between campuses. Public transport offer campus.

Demographics Male: 34.88% Female: 65.12% African American: 6.73% Eastern American: 15.27% Caucasian: 29.07% Hispanic: 14.20% International: 10.25% Other: 8.56% student Faculty Ratio: 12:1 the end State Freshmen: 53% Campus Size: 135 acre Campuns Life Freshmen In college Housing: 68% Studentns Li have on Campus: 3% Studentns Live off Campus: 97% Studentns Live top top Campus Throughout Weekends: 25% housing Types: Coed dorms, Single-student apartments Fraternitiens & Sororities Fraternities & Sororities: N variety of Fraternities: 0 variety of Sororities: 0 join Fraternities: 0% join Sororities: 0% ROTC wait pressure ROTC: Yes navy ROTC: No Army ROTC: Yes

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FTU = permanent Undergraduate AverAge Non-need Based strong approve and Scholarship Amount: FTF :$4,128 FTU : $5,481 number of Students who received Non-need Based strong grants and also Scholarships: FTF :27 FTU : 141 AverPeriod Non-require Based Scholarship or approve Amount: FTF :$4,545 FTU : $4,402 AverEra Need-Based Loone Amount: FTF :$4,776 FTU : $6,501 AverAge Need-Based-Self-Help-award Amount: FTF :$6,021 FTU : $6,983 AverAge Need-Based Scholarship or provide Amount: FTF :$1,956 FTU : $2,016 AverPeriod Financiatogether aid Package: FTF :$14,414 FTU : $14,529 AverAge PercentAge that need Met (based upon EFC): FTF :83% FTU : 77%