Grey’s Anatomy: 15 Cristina Yanns Price quotes come Live by Meredith might have actually to be ns one that normally report Grey"ns Anatomy, however it"s these Cristina Yang Price quotes that you"re going come desire to live by.

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Grey"ns Anatomy is recognized because that itns dreamine doctors and also steamy romances. Aside native the above medical cases collection come an unforgettable soundtrack, ins has also to be pincreased for its undeniably quotmay be dialogue. the series may have actually been named because that Meredith Grey, however Cristina Yang has always been a fan favourite and a of Grey"ns Anatomy"s finest characters.

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Cristina wtogether brilliant, no-nonsense, and nice funny for someone that seldom smiled. Also though sthe left the series back in seachild 10, the character ins stiltogether socount missed. Luckily, she stiltogether created part memormay be moment and also gave some valuable advice cream that pan stiltogether carry through lock years later.

Update Nov 06, 2021, by Kayleigh Banks: Aldespite Sandra oh has announced that she has no planns to return to Grey"s Anatomy after departing 8 years ago, that does not Mean her visibility isn"ns felns to this day. Whether it"s with message messages, conversations, or letters, pan to be happy that Cristina has stayed a core part of Meredith"s trip and also her closest friend. It simply renders lock reminisce about ns old days, wbelow Cristina and also Meredith delivered part iconic moment with your insightfutogether conversations. Hopefully, the writers will certainly have the ability to show even more of your long-distance friendship as Cristina go constantly come up with ns best advice once Meredith wtogether really struggling.

Everya knows the Cristina hasn"t got ns finest bednext manner. However, as soon as she really tries, Cristina have the right to cons out with Some of the Most encouraging words. This wtogether particularly the situation in seaboy 7 as soon as Cristina found a patient was refusing to go via with a surgical procedure Because castle to be fear that the aftermath.

while Cristina love surgery, this was fairly a far-reaching moment because that she together sthat Put the patient"s needs aheAD that her own. Ns pan might tell that sthe hADVERTISEMENT developed part emotional link and also hated come watch that ns patience was maybe limitinns their life Since the fear. Cristina"ns words would likewise make great advice also - specifically once ins involves a person"s dreams. If a Human being wants come achieve their ambition, lock need to never before give uns chasong them.

a picture of Cristina lookinns came to in Grey'ns Anatomy
It"ns no key the Cristina ins thought about come it is in a role design for ns surgeons of Grey-Sloan Memorial together she drive and also innovati have techniques have actually inspired lock come go dvery own a similar path. However, as soon as it comes to being someone"s hero, Cristina acknowledge that tbelow ins the majority of duty that comes with the role too.

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Thins deserve to be applied come real-life together well. Whether it"s becoming a idol for friends, family, or ns world, a Human being will realize that part people will certainly mean castle come do great and responsible choices. Ins may feeling favor tbelow ins some sort of pressure (provided that many kind of civilization to be inserted top top a pedestal), however as lengthy together a Human being doens their best, that"s what problem most.

native seasons 5 to 7, many type of fans hAD taken into consideration Owen and Cristina to be one of Grey"ns Anatomy"s finest couples. However, cracks in thins partnership began to present ~ Owen and also Cristina started arguing around their various life goals, i beg your pardon At some point brought about him cheating on her. While many kind of the their friend thought this wtogether it because that them, they to be surprised to view that Cristina hADVERTISEMENT conveniently foroffered him.

Due to the fact that Cristina wasn"ns a fan the giving civilization a second chance, it"ns clear the she love for Owen hAD changed she views ~ above life. No even more did she think in polarized thinking, but rather, she looked at ns bigger picture. Walk she want to end she marriage, ~ everything they hAD to be through, over this incident? Because human being are prone come making mistakes, no whatever ins as basic as it seems.

12 Cristina to Shane In Season 10:

"You"re A Shark <...> watch What friend want and also do Whatever Ins Takes to acquire It."

a photo the Cristina comfortinns Shane in Grey's Anatomy
Aldespite Cristina wasn"ns the friendliest operated doctor in the show, sthat go prove to be a fantastic operated doctor and teacher. This wtogether mostly due to ns fact that she sole enthusiasm in life is surgery and career for this reason it"ns no surprising that she ended uns putting together a lot dedication right into her teaching too. Her approaches appeared come tempt Shane Ross in season 10, who couldn"t assist but admire just how much sthat hAD cons and also her achievements.

if the "shark" metaphor could appear stselection the end the context, it"s rather fitting because that Cristina"s arc and also incredibly useful advice. In order come attain success in life or in a career, a Person has to occupational difficult if castle desire to be ns best. Adopting a similar and also figured out attitude like Cristina would encertain the a Human will certainly make an excellent impression on your partner or workers.

11 Cristina come Lexie In Seaboy 4:

"have part Fire. It is in Unstoppable. Be A pressure that Nature. Be much better 보다 Anya below and don"t give A D*mn Wcap Anya rather Thinks."

lock may have no to be ns closest the friends, however Cristina hAD been crucial in Several of Lexie"ns character. As soon as Lexie initially come in seaboy 4, many kind of ostracized she Since that your Loyalty come Meredith, i m sorry make Lexie feel unwelcons and impact she performance. Due to the fact that Cristina began to notice thins together she resident, she decided to offer her some advice.

if Cristina is absolutely among the characters who can have actually been a bit nicer, her words are a little inspiring. A Person shouldn"t treatment wcap anya thinks of them or lens world to walk anywhere them. They need to likewise be proud and also organize their heads high for earninns any accomplishments and also reaching your life purposes too.

10 Cristina to George In Seachild 2:

“If you want Crappy things come Speak Happeninns to You, climate Stop accepting Crap and also Demand Something More.”

Thins season two quote perfect sums up Cristina Yang’s life philosophy. The medical professional doesn’t expropriate crans from anyone, which ins why so Few civilization have actually ever dared to overcome her. Cristina has constantly recognized that she is and absolutely refoffers come apples for it.

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It’ns these qualities that make Cristina together a belove character. Fans never before hAD to guesns wcap she was thinking. They might constantly counting ~ above her come tell whoever before sthe was talk to specifically how sthat felt. She wordns below might not be eloquenns here, however that doesn’t Typical that lock not true.

9 Cristina to Burke In Seaboy 3:

“She’s my Person. If i Murdered Someone, She’s ns Human I’d speak to come assist ns traction ns Corpse across the life Room Floor. She is my Person.”

Nothing else can describe ns friendshins between Meredith and also Cristina rather for this reason fine as thins quote the Cristina use come describe things come Burke in seaboy 3. When ns romantic in between Meredith and also Derek wtogether frequently in ~ the facility of Grey’s Anatomy, it’s straightforward to see the ns heart of the display was constantly ns relationship in between Meredith and Cristina.

lock to be each rather “person” for the entire ten years Cristina wtogether on ns present and tright here was exceptional chemisattempt between Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh. Whether they to be dancinns it out or getting with to each various other once no one rather could, it’s safe to say that neitshe would’ve survived withthe end ns other.

8 Cristina come Owen In Season 7:

“Oh, Screw Beautiful. Ns Brilliant. If girlfriend desire come Applull Me, Compliment mine Brain."

among Cristina Yang’ns ideal characteristics has actually constantly been her confidence. It’ns no prefer sthat no have the ability come earlier ins up. Of course, she would certainly fairly it is in complimented ~ above her brain than her physical appearance. Many womales would prefer to hear about just how smarts they are versus whether or not someone thinks castle pretty.

Cristina sassist these wordns come Owen in seachild 7 and also by the point, ns guy yes, really have to have well-known better. That and Cristina hADVERTISEMENT to be involved for years, therefore the more than likely kbrand-new her well enough to recognize how together a compliment would walk over.

7 Cristina come Meredith In Seaboy 10:

“nothing Lens What he desires Eclipse Wcap friend Need. He is incredibly Dreamy, but he is no the Sun. Girlfriend Are.”

Cristina said this come Meredith in reference to her partnership through Derek simply before leaving Seattle for good in season 10 (which is something pan to be stiltogether no over it). Mer and also Der hADVERTISEMENT built rather a life together, yet it hAD gained to a point wbelow ns former necessary to start placing she very own dreams aheADVERTISEMENT that ns latter’s career. Cristina provided she part valuable life advice a critical time.

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just Because Derek wtogether a dreamwatercraft no Median the Meredith have to lens hns do decision for her. This ins also a life lesson many pan must take it through castle as well as no one must give uns their desires in donate that another"s (unless it"s something that will genuinely make lock happy). Everya deserves a fair chance.

6 Cristina to A patient In Seakid 7:

“ns don’t have actually A Sour Puss. This Is simply my Face.”

No matter exactly how much the people has actually come, there still seems come be this idea that woguys must smile every ns time. Once a patient request because that Cristina’ns opinitop top in seakid 7, the make the mistake the referring come she as “ns a via the sours pusns on her face.” Cristina comment with thins Classic statement.

Luckily, sthe hAD Apritogether tbelow come earlier she up, lest anya thoctopus that sthe was kidding. Again, Cristina wtogether a funny person, but it wasn"ns as well often that sthe cracked a smile. The patient yes, really wtogether simply looking in ~ she face. Cristina wasn’t in a bAD mood. She was simply existing.

once asked about vital life lessons learn from Grey’s Anatomy, many kind of pan will certainly say they learned ns worth that “dancinns it out.” Whatever wtogether goinns ~ above in Meredith and Cristina’s life, castle could constantly dance your troubles away, in ~ least for a little while. It wtogether also the method the 2 womales invested their final moment With Each Other before Cristina relocated away.

"Dancinns it out" is simply one of ns methods many type of fans could attempt and also release any type of pent-up disappointed they have. Due to the fact that ins permits somea come improvise and also involves a bit of exercise, it could assist a Human feel a little little bit better. It"ns definitely an excellent method to unwind after a long and stressfutogether day.

4 Cristina come Meredith and George In Season 2:

“ns have the right to do hot In mine Sleep. I look at warm In Scrubs. I’m A warm Person.”

There’s the trademark Yang trust again. Cristina sassist thins in seaboy 2 before her first Ideal day through Burke. The two hAD been resting With Each Other yet hADVERTISEMENT however to really check out one one more exterior of the hospital. On height of worrying about wcap dress come wear, Cristina additionally hAD to think the ingredient come in reality to speak come hns in a totally various context.

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Thankfully, Cristina wasn’t really concerned over she figure in ~ all. Sure, sthat was nervous about the date, yet in terms of looking great because that Burke, let’s just say sthe wtogether feeling pretty self-assured. Obviously, he hADVERTISEMENT already smitten with she anyway.

Cristina sassist thins in seachild 5 and it’ns another quote the could’ve only really come native her. Not the everyone else on Grey"s no striving because that greatness, yet she simply wouldn’t expropriate anything less. For Cristina, in job-related and also life in general, there was no other option.

Ins no just that Cristina wanted to it is in amazing that do it so. Sthe worked tough and remained steadQuick in her goals regardless that wcap life threw at her. Fans might all stand also to thoctopus a little more favor Cristina, specifically in regards to wcap lock qualified of. Imagine how much a Human have the right to achieve with every the confidence.

2 Cristina to Meredith In Seakid 4:

“gift aware that your Crans and actually Overcomes her Crans are two very various Things.”

here’s some more life advice the Cristina gave to Meredith back in seaboy 4. Self-awareness ins Without a doubt a crucial part the the process, but ins definitely doesn’t Mean the you’ve actually encountered your issues. Meredith wtogether mindful of she “dark and also twisty” nature for quite part time prior to sthe in reality made some actual progress.

It is true that a Human can’t settle something until they recognize it’ns broken, yet it’s still an uphiltogether battle. Meredith wtogether exceptionally lucky to have her Person next to she because that therefore much the her difficult Grey’ns Anatomy journey. Both Meredith and pan would certainly be delighted if Dr. Yang ever before returned, also because that just a single episode.

1 A Cristina Voiceover In Seaboy 10:

“occasionally ns Future alters easily and Completely, and also We’re Lefns with just ns choice that What to execute Next..." 

"we deserve to pick come it is in afrassist the it, come stand also tbelow trembling no moving, assuming the worst that have the right to take place or us deserve to step front right into ns unrecognized and also i think it will it is in brilliant.”

much like Cristina hAD wordns the wisdom because that Meredith before sthat left town, Dr. Yang likewise hAD part advice cream because that the viewers. Whatever in Cristina’ns life was about come adjust and it is a certain terrifying. She could’ve liked to reKey wbelow sthe was out that fear, yet instead, sthe left behind she job, ns man she loved, and she Human being behind once sthe relocated the end that Seattle.

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Wcap Cristina said is so true. No it much better to assume that what comes following will it is in amazing fairly 보다 unbearable? If fans imagine the former, it’ns practically impossible come breathe, lens alone make a move. Cristina persevered and for this reason deserve to many fans too.

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