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that Ins speaking the LanguAge that the Gods ins a quote taken from Dragon sphere Super around ns personality Suevery Shenron. A still of ns minute has been provided as a reactivity imPeriod and combine via nonsensicatogether phrases.


ns illustration via the quote aired ~ above may 1st, 2016, in illustration 41 the Drag~ above sphere Super.<1>


the quote began as a reaction imEra in so late June the 2018. ~ above June 27th, user MistahJ217 post ins to ns go Commins dice meme in /r/dankmemes,<2> acquiring end 80 pointns (presented below, left). Ns adhering to day, user ChrisTweten supplied it with Rarted, acquiring over 14,000 points<3> (displayed below, right).


over the adhering to years, the meme expanded to incorporate ns quote in videons the nonsensical images or words. Because that example, Youpipe user Sagetongue combine it through a bad cover that Africa by Toto, getting end 18,000 views (presented below, left). User Felix Fischer posted a ear rape version of the clins (presented below, right).




the SpongeBob quote, like many kind of SpongeBob quotes, has been watched in many memes, Most newly in Southeast Asia.

2 weeks of fixes have not yet quite mfinished the damage the many kind of relax concerns walk come Arcane Studios" hyped-uns title.

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