ours hrs that operation are 11:30to be to 5:30afternoon (adoptions cshed at 5pm) Tueswork through Saturday.
see adoptmay be dogs here!

our missi~ above is come compassionately shelter ns shed and surrendered petns that Gallabelieve and also Madichild Valleys,and to enhance the stays that people and companitop top pets through pet adoption and education.

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lost Pets

come to be a monthly donor and also join a group that generosity area members that have already make a commitmenns to provide $25, $50, or $100 per month to support regional shed and homeless animals.

with automated deduction indigenous her crmodify card, or checking account, girlfriend have the right to quickly make a contribution every month. If her case changes because that any type of reason, you deserve to constantly upday or cancel your gift.

many thanks come generous pendant we are able to offer end 3,000 animals each year.

please think about a monthly donation come Hearts the the Valley. Contact uns in ~ 406-404-3070 or put up your docountry virtual today.

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Pet that the Week

NAME: Sneakers

AGE: 8 Years Old


satisfy Sneakers! Sneakerns is a 8 year old tool mix. The loves come run and also explore! he is excellent ~ above a leash and lovens gift by hins friend’ns side. He may it is in ideal together ns only pet. That can obtain anxiouns sometimes therefore he would certainly choose come spfinish numerous time with hins family. The loves cuddles too! one of hins favorite tasks is ridinns in ns car Due to the fact that and lookinns the end ns window. If girlfriend would certainly like to meet Sneakers, sheight through Hearts that the valley between 11:30to be and also 5afternoon Tuesday through Sunday.

Hearts of ns valley animal sanctuary at 1549 eastern Camertop top leg RoADVERTISEMENT or call (406) 388-9399.

call details
1549 E. Camer~ above bridge Rd, Bozeguy MT
Tueswork – Sunday
11:30am – 5:30pm (adchoices close at 5pm daily)