Eua Mort~ above offers a tender and poignant power together ns genderqueer rock singer in a display for maturation audience only.

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Euone Morton, performing as Hedwig, sings "Tear me Down" in Hedwins and also the upset Inch. (Jeffrey McWhorter / distinct Contributor)
Hedwig and also ns upset inch is a love story.

It might it is in tough come watch that at initially through the sardonic put-downs, the torn stockings and garish golden high-heeled boots at ns Winspear OpEra House, where at & t Performing Arts center is presenting the national tour of ns 2014 Tony award wwithin because that ideal Revival.

Eua Mort~ above starns together Hedwins and also Hannah Corneau starns together Yitzhak, Hedwig's beaten-down husband also and assistant, in Hedwig and the angry Inch, which proceeds through Feb. 12 in ~ ns Winspear OpPeriod House. (Jeffrey McWhorter / one-of-a-kind Contributor)

however ns first song, "Tear ns Down," setns up the story, i beg your pardon ins because that maturation audience only, to perfection. As Hedwig, ns extraplain Eua Morttop top opens ns rock concert show wislim a show as a failed star armored to the hilt with bitterness glitter. Through the dark journey the his performance, which riffns with clever before AD libs together his character flips from rEra to purr to pains and possibility, Hedwig slowly shedns the armor, while the songs tell that a fragile gay youth Growing up through a starry principle that love only come challenge disappointments, including a botched sex-adjust operation.

when regularly defined together genderqueer, Hedwins ins a personality who, because that all the flamboyance, renders Group it seems to be ~ irpertinent to ns larger Concern of whether Hedwig can break through rejection, trauma and self-loapoint to take on the continual possibility of love. ns music began its life off-Broadmethod in 1998 with a Book through john Camertop top Mitchell and music and also text through Stephen Trask and also received a fine regional manufacturing by Uptvery own football player in 2015.

Euan Morton perdevelops together Hedwig, a fail star armored to ns hilt through bitter glitter. ((Jeffrey McWhorter / distinct Contributor))

ns national tour pulls the end the flashiesns the bellns and whistlens consisting of a wild light show, clever projections, dancing wigns and a routine because that Hurt Locker the Musical, supporting the storyline that Hedwins is performing top top a collection because that a failed music the hasn"ns however to be struck. The sharp onstPeriod four-Person band, "the angry Inch," offers witty, wordless comment on the action.

ns production pays homAge to the Uptown football player show, also giving one exhilittle bit of ns costumes design by Derek Whitener and also Victor Brockfine in the lobby. Due to the fact that here"ns ns point around Hedwig: It"s not ns kind of show that girlfriend watch as soon as and you"re done. It"s a story that transforms through tins and the gibbs that inhabit Hedwins and Hedwig"s beaten-down husband and also assistant, Yitzhak, poignantly played by Hannah Corneau as a previous traction queen who has actually given uns the spotlight and also belove wigns in ~ Hedwig"s insistence.

together the nationwide conversatitop top transforms come walls, Hedwig gives subtle, spicy notes top top that, too. Hedwins grows uns in post-human being battle II eastern Berlin when tbelow was a wall surface in between east and also Wesns Berlin. Ns Wall surface serves as an allegory for all that keepns people apart, through a certain emphasis top top walls that store acomponent those that to be intended come it is in Together together two parts that a whole.

the dig about the failed musical, Hurns Locker, reminds uns it"s additionally very a lot around how hurns can distract us indigenous seeing love that"ns in Plain sight. Twater tap that have been walled off produce walls, maybe for revenge or maybe because they"re ns just means we recognize exactly how come live. Hedwig"s trip is a universal a the remindns us that "the origin of Love," to quote one of her songs, ins when us let ourselvens and also others be that castle truly are.

arrangement your life 

proceeds through Feb. 12 at the Winspear OpPeriod House, 2403 Flora St., Dallas. $25-$150; a restricted number of $24 ticket will it is in accessible on-site by means of a lottery illustration one hours prior to each display (entriens welcomed an hour and a half before showtime at the box office). Power reperceived wtogether Tuesday. Running time: 1 hour, 40 mins.

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