If you’re headinns to Florida because that vacation, then you’ll it is in spoil for choice once it involves entertaininns and also vivid cities. And, an excellent choice would certainly it is in Jacksonville, i beg your pardon is a enormous city that attracts tourists as a result of its impressive beaches, downtown area, and also golf courses. Yet ins doesn’t there, together girlfriend have the right to additionally have actually a t~ above that funny at itns busy nightspotns the cater come a younns and also diverse crowd. These encompass bars and clubs such together time Hookah Lounge that offers a Center eastern vibe, Dons Gatons that boasts tasty signature drinks, and XO Lounge the throws a large array of parties throughthe end the year. Inspect the end our impressive list that height hins hips barns & clubns in Jacksonville, Florida, and arrangement your upcomes pilgrimage accordingly.

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1. Ns tent Hookah Lounge


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Jacksonville has actually therefore much to market the young and twater tap that are young at heart. The tent Hookah Lounge is a good instance that the type that entertainment options that locals and travellers to Jacksonville have the right to enjoy. Here, a has actually ns possibility come immerse themselves in Center east society because of ns establishment’ns belly dancing shows, hookahs, and Mediterranea cuisine. A few tasty dishe is incorporate baba ganoush, fatoush, and musabaha. And friend have the right to also stimulate Arabic coffee, fruins juice, or a Red Bull to walk along with your meal. The lounge boasts a laidago vibe, and also ins attractive people native diverse backgring that enJoy good food and music.

ns time Hookah Lounge

Address: Ashley Plaza, 12041 Bevery Blvd, Jacksonville, Ftogether 32246, joined States

Website: ns time Hookah Lounge

opened hours: sunlight - Thu: 4afternoon - 1am; Fri - Sat: 5pm - 2am

2. Rain Dogs


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If girlfriend enPleasure handmade beerns and excellent comedy, climate Rain dog should it is in your first port the speak to when showing up in Jacksonville. No just that, however it additionally has actually an inviting bar, and remarkable artworks are constantly on display, makinns it important unique as much together late-nighns bars are concerned. When the food selection is limited, friend have the right to bespeak a number of affordmay be and also tasty snacks such together carrons dog with kale slaw, grilled cheese and also chilli, and also mojo pork sliders. Also, there’s beer top top tap, and they have a selection of deliciouns wines available because that even ns Many discerninns tastes. Finally, thins establishment attractive a fun-love and trendy crowd, which helps contribute come itns remarkable vibe.

Rain Dogs

Address: 1045 Park St, Jacksonville, Ftogether 32204, joined States

opening hours: M~ above - Fri: 4afternoon - 2am; sat - Sun: 12pm - 2to be

3. Dons Gatos

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Dons Gatons has actually got a reputation together ns go-to hipster bar in Jacksonville. Yet what if you’re no a hipster or no fond that hipsters, have to girlfriend stiltogether try the end this bar? our price to the ins a resounding correctly! because that one, ns group is fairly cool and also laidback, no pretentiouns civilization here. Everyone’ns here come have actually fun, enPleasure amazing cocktailns and great music. We recommfinish their signature drink together as ns Le Pomme et Le Poire, Oarray Jalapeno Margarita, and Raspberry Lagerita. However you have to additionally attempt out their residence favoritens together together ns Bourbtop top soul Smash, brand-new Zealander, and also Pura Vida. Drsquid price to be fairly good, especially once one considerns their high quality and also care Required to prepare them. Sip dvery own ~ above her droctopus when enjoy it ns sounds the ns talented bands that pplace here regularly.