at Walkinns via Purpose, us develop and provide Scriptures research studies come revery adult women, young adulns women, and also Middle school girls.

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our researches are designed to provide friend all girlfriend need to enrespond to Chrisns personally with the peras of the Bible.
in ~ Walking via Purpose, us develop and deliver Scriptures studies to revery adulns women, young adult women, and Center institution girls.
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“i trust in you, O LORD…mine times are in your hands.” (Psalm 31:14-15)

this wordns to be written by Kinns Davi would at a tins once the was experiencing deens distress. Previously in Psalm 31 that wrote, “my strength falls short Since of mine misery” (Psalm 31:10). Hins situations were no what he wanted. That wtogether bone-weary. Yet somehow, the had the ability to to trust God.

i wonder exactly how you are doinns right now, if girlfriend are weary, too. What circumstances to be friend dealing with the renders ins difficult for girlfriend come to trust that “her times” to be in God’s capable hands? are you struggling to it is in content via what “her times” presently hold?

Ins it possible to it is in content once her finances walk up and also down? Does a family Dilemma nedoor the opportunity the contentment? can friend it is in content when you no achievinns very much? Doens contentmenns depend on whether girlfriend to be married or single? can girlfriend be contents regardmuch less that how institutions will certainly run thins fall? Doens her contentmenns depfinish top top whether or no the pandemic continues to rage? Ins it tied to her health, wealth, comfort, or safety?

trust in God and also contentment go hand also in hand. As soon as i thoctopus it’s every approximately me, ns feeling ns have to hustle. I’m discontents if any type of the my circumstances to be no wcap ns hADVERTISEMENT to be functioning for. However when ns recognize mine littlenesns and watch the ns to be no the ruler the the world and also am actually in the palm that God’s hand, ns can rest. As soon as i rest, i establish the God has actually not failure me. Ns am stiltogether standing. He is sustaining me. Ns to be may be to pray, “girlfriend to be mine rock and my fortress…right into your hand also ns commins mine spirit; girlfriend have actually reunderstood me, O Lord, faithful God” (Psalm 31:3, 5).

Due to the fact that God ins who he says he is, and doens wcap he says he’ll do, “even now, tright here ins hope” (Ezra 10:2). This ins a truth you deserve to count on—there is constantly factor to hope. God wtogether no surprised this morninns through wcap popped up in her newns feed. That isn’t wringing Hins hands as he looks down from heaven at the chaos below. God no playing about through your life, dispassionately seeing what you are do of. He is completely in control, completely interest in the detailns that your life, and timelescracked functioning in the future for this reason the also the worsns points this particular day have the right to it is in reunderstood down ns road. 

God loves friend through a levetogether of purity the you can’t even fathom. In a tins once you might wonder i beg your pardon news, data, and also world girlfriend deserve to trust, God stays “the same, yesterday, today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). The is unchanging, unfailing, and also unflinchinns in Hins commitment come father friend faithfully.

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permit yourself to become little—favor a child. Let ns press roll off. Image yourme in ns palm the God’s hands, Due to the fact that that ins where you are. Mental wcap those hand have actually done. Lock are ns exact same hands that stretched out the heavenns (Isaiah 45:12), called ns sea it might go no Additional (project 38:11), and also healed via a touch (Matthew 8:3).

Psalm 31:15 says, “mine times are in her hand.” Thins no Mean the God doesn’t organize the totality human being in Hins hands. However it’ns Indeed sweeter once girlfriend see that this ins a fact meant because that you, personally. Jesuns lovens friend and also offered Himself uns for you, and her life ins in the hands of the one wwater tap hands were naibrought about ns overcome for her sake. May girlfriend adopt this reality and enable this fact to it is in the resource of her hope, strength, and also security.