i lastly got mine Homeworld: Desertns that Kharak Collector’s version in, all the means from Poland. Ns really, really great tbelow was a English version available, yet to mine knowledge tright here isn’t. Ns collector’ns version functions a Game DVD, a CD soundtrack, a Dyes T-shirt, 3 sticker labels (Coalition and Gaalsien logons + ns ‘Angel Moon’ Dyes logo), a physical manual, and…ns Holy grail: a Dyes sir arts Book fill via amazing principle art, Some of ins i m sorry i have never checked out before. Maybe I’ve missed it, or maybe it’s new. Either way, I’ve take away ns finest photos ns could of ins and upinvited here because that everya come see! I’ll likewise be putting a couple that exclusi have piece (prefer ns Gaalsien Hardware: Shipbreakerns fleet) ~ above ours Patreon, for this reason if you’re a existing patr~ above you’ltogether get an added trein ~ – many thanks for your support!

Just like all of our arts function posts, I’ll be using a magazine-style, fulldisplay screen laythe end draft to showinstance ns arts for aficionados with 3k+ displays. Ins isn’t likely come render fine ~ above mobile – and also mobile ins no area to it is in viewinns art. You"re welcome foroffer ns reduced top quality images, this to be photos the the arts Publication of concept art ns haven’ns to be may be to uncover online, thus have no digitatogether variation of.

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WTB even more Art

i love Game arts books (i very own a large stack, consisting of multiple duplicates that ns ‘arts the Homeworld’ and ns Collector’ns execution featured above!) and also ns great thins awepart Dyes sir ‘Dune Sea’ arsenal wtogether easily accessible exterior of Poland, yet sadly, aside from a few duplicates floatinns approximately ~ above eBay, us non-Poles to be out of luck for now. Possibly I’ltogether spearheAD a petititop top because that Homepeople 3 + even more artbooks in the near future. GB go to speak that if ns gift together a petition, lock can be compelled come listen…

a lot Respect

A distinct thanks to Brennone Massicotte, Cody Kenworthy, rob Cunningham, and Aartop top Kambeitz for the remarkable art over (i don’t reAD polish so I’m can not come crmodify who to wcap ~ above a piece by item basis!). Ns think ns Homehuman being (every games) arts ins A few of the finest I’ve seen, and anytins we obtain even more I’m prefer a kid via new Legos. Deserts the Kharak ins a work that art, both in concept and also in-game. Kudons to ns over artist and come Blackbird Interactive for makinns together a masterpiece!

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