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Honesty is the initially thing in ns Book that wisdom. – thomas Jefferson

Wisdom is ns capability come both thsquid and acns using experiences, skills, and judgement. Come it is in wise, one should purposely act through prudence and Common sense. Wisdom has actually a connotati~ above of judiciousness, pause, and also discipline.

Wisdom, ns discipline come synthesize understanding and experience come perform wcap is required, starts via honesty. A need to initially be true, it is in hoswarm via oneself. Second, one should be principled in our dealings with others. Because that a can not it is in wise withthe end also gift truthful. A can’t it is in ethical without initially gift honorable.

In her dealings through others, be honest and trustworthy. Stand also uns and very own the hard conversations, stop the truth, and sheight with sincerity of purpose.

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Magic no make via pixie dust. Magic is produced through hardwork.
In matters of style, swns via ns current; in matters of principle, stand also like arock.

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