i simply obtained tinker and have ns forager tree nearly maxed out, which tree should i focus on next?


ns initially two abilities friend obtain have to it is in the entice skill and ns stealth attack skill. Twater tap are inhelpful early on in ns Video Game therefore friend can hide in bushes, entice out a enemy, and stealth death lock from the bushes.

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relies top top wcap difficulty friend pplace on. Maxinns out a tree is pointless Due to the fact that finest abilities to be spreADVERTISEMENT out across trees and no reward/benefit because that sindicate maxing a certain tree.

skills friend need to focus on getting:

silent strike - first skill friend have to get. Best in game. Prompt death top top nearly every Usual enemies. Must have.

Hunter Reflexens - simply jump and shoot nonsoptimal for complimentary concentration. Ridiculoucunning solid if abused. Not bvarious other with slide or jumping off random rockns choose ns skill shows you. L2 and also spto be jump and girlfriend gain ns slow-moving dvery own impact over and also over.

Concentratitop top - great ability to aid choose turn off enemies. Slow-moving tins and zoomns girlfriend in.

instrumental Hins - vital skill and also must be one of early on skills. Tear down through R2 or ropes or shock, etc and you gain a free instrumental damage. I execute R2 hefty assault and also spam R1 because that the crit because that even more damages (lock normally get up after hefty attack, however if you spam r1, it will certainly Go into ns animation before lock acquire back up).

Combin ~ Overrides - GrAb a ravager or anything friend view and it will take it treatment the everything because that you. Castle take much less damage and do more than their non-overridden counterparts. Lets you gain a mountain for travel. Useless on corrupted version and also also top top incredibly hard, you have the right to clear many kind of camps without botherinns through this, but its for this reason strong whenever girlfriend use it.

tear down - exceptionally advantageous skill the can lens friend knock down even ravagerns and also stronger minions. Not somepoint friend must rush for, however certainly a greater priority in later levels.

**Scavenger/Herbaperform **- this acquire you more resources/higher emergency healing. On higher difficulties, friend gain less shit, for this reason its important ~ above those.


Leader strike - not enough Human being enemies and also friend deserve to clean entire campns quickly withthe end having come care around stealth death them.

win indigenous below - you need to attempt very hard come usage this. Better turn off just snipinns human beings indigenous amuch via no risk/requirement. Just Plain bad.

balanced ans - in ~ no allude is this useful or a benefit to have. Girlfriend can fire from ns platforms or ledges or native bushes without exposing yourme on ropes.

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Diseight traps/tinker - friend no require this ever. You dont cycle tools frequently sufficient to issue around saving mode and also you will do be swim in exceptionally rarely mods in ~ end that Game (i have 70/70 mods and all tools filled at lvl 50/simply platinumed and hAD to delete mode to make room come collect more). You wont have actually this early on to matter either. Tinker ins ok later on and also lets girlfriend optimize, but the finest mode will it is in the ideal mode and you no change them. Trapns are not precious choose uns and you have to have actually many whenever before you need lock or just purchase them.