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Gentlemen,ns have a arsenal the reloading bookmarks encompassong a broad selection that handpistol loADVERTISEMENT data, both brand-new and also old. Everybody below has actually a similar database, I"m sure. We check out a fair number of posts, questioning because that loADVERTISEMENT data, therefore ns assumed I"d article my repertoire the web links come every ns databases and manualns that I"ve found. (Remember, you deserve to downloADVERTISEMENT ns PDF files come her very own computer system so that friend have lock for all time, no matter wcap happen to ns link top top ns internet.) feel cost-free come write-up any type of other web links and also probably us have the right to help our friend find wcap they need. ADns flour nine edition (2016) (PDF)ABC"s of Reloading (Lee Precision) 7th execution (PDF)specific Powder"s websiteprecise flour LoAD hand-operated (2003) (PDF) exact powders (version 3.5) (PDF)Allianns flour Reloadinns hands-on 1996 (PDF)Alliant Powder"s 2019 Reloader"s guide (PDF) (A arsenal the links to a lot of old manuals. Check it out!)finish guide come Handloadinns (Sharpe, 1937) (Thins is in a weird format, yet it"ns usable)commonwealth Premium"ns Webwebsite - Handgun LoAD DataHandloader magazine (Dec. 2011) .45 Colns data (PDF)Handloader magazine (Auns 2005) .44 unique data (PDF)Hodgd~ above Reloading Webwebsite (perhaps ns Most famous reloadinns website ~ above ns "net)Hodgdtop top standard Reloader"s hands-on 2002 (PDF)Hornady HandPublication the Cartridge Reloading, 3rd execution (PDF)Hornady HandPublication that Cartridge Reloading, 4th edition (PDF)Hornady"ns "Reloading because that Handgunners" (2011) (PDF)Imr Handloader"ns guide (PDF) - A repertoire that ns loADVERTISEMENT data sheets offered via Lee Loader setsman Linebaugh"s webwebsite top top .45 Colt ReloadingLaser-cast Reloadinns Manual, 1st execution (Oreg~ above Traitogether cartridge Co.) (PDF) Lovex Reloading hands-on 2019 (PDF)Lyguy actors cartridge Handbook, 3rd execution (1980) (PDF)Lyguy Reloading, 38th edition (1951) (PDF)Lyman Reloading, 40th version (1955) (PDF)Lyguy Reloading, 44th version (1967) (PDF)Lymale Reloading, 48th version (2002) (PDF)M.D. Smith Reloading Webwebsite (a exceptional arsenal the loads, tested by ns site"s proprietor)contemporary Reloadinns through Ricdifficult Lee, 1st version (PDF) modern-day Reloadinns through Rictough Lee, 2nd edition (2003) (PDF)NAcome Reloadinns Webwebsite (many 9mm data)Nosler Bullets" websiteNRA cast Bulallows supplement No. 1 (1981) (PDF)NRA illustrated Reloadinns HandBook (1960) (PDF)a Publication a Caliber - the complete Reloading hand-operated for the .357 Magnum (2004) (PDF)"ns websiteroyal Scons Reloading, 1st edition (1988) (PDF)Shooters civilization flour Reloading guide (PDF) - Reloading the .380 ACp (Quick post with barebones loADVERTISEMENT data) Handgun Reloading WebsiteSpeer Reloadinns Manual, 12th version (1995) (PDF)Vectone Powders, sixth edition (PDF) Reloadinns WebsiteVihtavuori Reloading hand-operated 2019 (PDF)western flour (precise and Ramswarm Powders) 5th edition (PDF)west powders (precise and also Ramshot Powders) sixth version (PDF)Winchester Reloader"s Manual, 15th version (1997) (PDF)