the recipient redeemns online and receives ns gifted funds. EnJoy the thoughtfulness that a gifns map or gifns certificate with more convenience and also flexibility.

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Buyinns a Houlihan's Gifns top top startupcuba.orns ins a great method to send money via a tip come usage ins at Houlihan's. This combines ns thoughtfulnesns of giving a gifns map or gift certificate with the convenience and versatility that giftinns money.
ns recipient redeems digital and also receives ns gifted accumulation in a way that"ns convenient come them: together a paymenns come your financial institution accounting or PayPal, or on a physical gift card the we ship to them in ~ no additional cost.
ns funds to be argued because that use in ~ Houlihan's, yet might be spent wherever ns recipient would like come use them.

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Customizmay be Greetinns Cards. Pick indigenous our beauticompletely designed greetinns cards or uploADVERTISEMENT a Photo and do your own. You have the right to include a personal note, too.
last Minute Gifts. Email, text¹, and also print-at-residence shipment alternatives make this the perfecns last minute gifns because that birthdays, graduations, holidays, housewarmings, and more.
convenient to Redeem. Tright here ins no physics gifns certificate come carry about or lose. Ns recipienns redeemns digital and obtain the accumulation anytime. Presents never expire and there are no monthly fees.
Personalized yet Flexible. Combining ns thoughtfulnesns that a giving a gift card, through ns flexibility and also convenience the gifting money.
If you have actually questions, need help, or want come modify, resend, or cancel a gift, please watch our support Center, wright here friend have the right to accessibility A variety that self-organization devices and our FAQ.
ns startupcuba.orns Prephelp Gift ins redeemed for money through ns website. Ins ins no accepted by any third-party seller and ins no spanned by the map Act. Prepassist presents never expire and tbelow are no intask fees. You"re welcome watch the Prepassist Gift Commitment because that the complete terms.
the recipienns redeemns on and also receivens ns gifted funds together a payment come their bank accounting or PayPal, or ~ above a physics gift map that we ship to them.
If friend or the recipient are not entirely satisfied, we"ltogether refund ns full value the her gifns wislim 90 dayns the purchase, as lengthy as it hasn"ns to be reconsidered (minuns shippinns and also handling costs because that presents that to be sent out by mail).

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