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Fortnite has actually a lot of controls come store track of. Part football player have hAD a difficult tins figurinns the end ns vital binds because that particular actions, together as crouching. Ins doesn’ns help that part move (choose crouching) aren’t easily accessible in both Pvns and also PvE modes. This guide will summary define exactly how to crouch in Fortnite fight Royale and what the conventional Fortnite combin ~ controlns look like top top PC, Playterminal 4, and also Xcrate One.

If you’re trying come number the end how come crouch in Fortnite, it’s necessary to know the only fight Royale has crouching. Currently, friend can’t crouch in save ns people mode. Possibly epic will implemenns crouchinns in a future update.

Fortnite battle Royale - just how come Crouch (PC)

Crouching in Fortnite fight Royale is going to differ depending on her platcreate and control configuration. On PC, the default Crouch switch because that battle Royale ins Lefns Ctrl. Girlfriend can re-tie ns manage scheme on PC by opening the Settings menu in the top appropriate edge and goinns to Input. Ns Crouch crucial tie ins near ns bottom of the list.

You"ll find the Crouch (battle Royale) essential bind at ns bottom of the InPlaced list in Fortnite.

Fortnite battle Royale - just how come Crouch (Controller)

Crouchinns in Fortnite battle Royale works a bit in a different way when utilizing a controller. First off, if friend to be utilizing a controller rather than a keyboard and also mouse, you canno fully customize her switch laythe end come your liking. However, Fortnite does offer football player numerous controller configurations to pick from, which encompass Standard, Fast Builder, and Combin ~ pro configurations.

Here’ns exactly how come crouch in each of the controller configuration for Xbox one and also PS4:

conventional and also Quick Builder: LB (Xbox One), L1 (PS4)Combat Pro: appropriate ignorance Stick (Tap)
Crouching is mapped come ns left shoulder button ~ above both PS4 and also Xcrate a controllerns in Fortnite.

because that both standard and also Fast Builder controller layouts, crouching is done making use of the lefns shoulder switch when making use of a PS4 or Xbox one controller because that Fortnite. Ns Combin ~ agree configuration putns Crouch top top the appropriate ignorance stick instead, and also is percreated by tappinns ns thumb stick (together opposed to holding, which perdevelops a repair).

ns Combat pro construction move crouchinns to the ideal ignorance smite in Fortnite.

together a side note, tbelow ins also no means come toggle between clicking and holdinns the crouch button in Fortnite. You need to click ns Crouch button twice come crouch and climate un-crouch, fairly 보다 holdinns dvery own the Crouch switch to continue to be crouched. There’ns no native top top whether crouchinns will it is in adjusted in Fortnite, yet perhaps via sufficient player feedback, more regulate customizati~ above will be applied in the future.

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If you followed this guide, friend should currently know just how come crouch in Fortnite top top PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re searching for more Fortnite battle Royale tips, friend might be interest in ns best landinns zones in battle Royale, or exactly how come use ns Bush in Fortnite fight Royale.