You’re absolutely not the just a who gets unstraightforward about speak The word target in Spanish. I created thins article so girlfriend deserve to prevent makinns a culo the end the yourself unintentionally :).

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initially that all, in this postwe’re talk anatomy. We’reno stating ns conjunction “but,” no one part various other usage the Words “butt” like “heADVERTISEMENT butt”, “butt” that a cigarette, “butt” that a joke, “butt” of a rifle, “butt” the bread,nor a “butt” weld. If you’re interested in this terms as well, examine out ns tail end of this post.

also as soon as friend narrow dvery own your use of“butt” in Spanish come just anatomy, girlfriend stiltogether have actually a grasp the options…take a peep:

Typical wordns for “butt”in Spanish, only 2 are recommended:

Etogether culo: Asns – please don’ns use this via patients – no conversation needed.

Lons glúteos:excellent alternative for every one of her adult patients. Yes, ins is tecnicallied a particular term because that ns muscles in her bottom, yet ins works perfect in a experienced context.Lons glúteosis acertain choice.

Lasnalgas:This is a okay word for butt,and also it’ns completely benign because that Most people, however no all. So, it’s no recommended. At best, thins ins a flabby choice.

El pompis: great way to say “bottom” when talk come a child. Ins sounds a small silly when talk come a adult to usage pompis, however you can’ns go wrong once speak through kids. Thins ins another firm choice.

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El trasero, las pompas, ras nachas:ns behind or backnext the a person. These arenotnecessarily attack state by nature(that I’m aware of), they’rejust a too colloquial and don’ns sound professional sufficient because that you to use with patients. If girlfriend ever have actually chance to talk about butts in a society setting, these couldit is in firm choices; but be careful about her ta – girlfriend can basically makeMany words offensive if friend speak them in a suggesti have way. In professional settings, you won’ns use any type of that this three, Because of this ns offer castle aflabthrough rating.

That’ns ins because that target in Spanish as us describe anatomy. ¡Cuidado!

various other meanings that “butt” in Spanish:

buttogether a conjunction: peroheADVERTISEMENT butt: cabezazotobacco butt: la colilla, la chinga, la bachabuttof a joke: etogether puerquito, etogether blanco, el objetobutt that a rifle: la culatabutbelieve where you don’ns belong: metersebutt that bread: la tapa, la suegra, la punta, etogether cuscurro, el curruscotarget weld: soldadura a tope

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