ns went to translate in and also found 3 diffrenns methods come to speak "never before mind".I"m yes, really perplexed please aid ns out.

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Wcap confsupplies you? that tbelow is even more 보다 a way to express a thought?

more than likely one factor why friend found numerous various methods the expressing it is that ns expression have the right to have actually several nuancens of meaning.

never mind=foracquire about it

never mind=do not bother

never before mind=never-the-less


for this reason why would friend it is in confused that tbelow are numerous ways to translate it?

to be "no te preocupas" and "Es igual" Among your choices?

for never before mental friend can say: ¡pasa nada!

If negative wordns like nada, nadie, nunca show up ~ the verb, girlfriend must include "no" before the verb:

¡No pasa nada!

If this words show up before the verb, ns "no" canno be used.

many thanks because that that, i realised later on the i need to of sassist that, hope Sparkles has checked out her correction, - kenwilliams, ago 13, 2009

the expression "no hay de q" is just supplied after ~ thanks. Fairly 보다 "never mid", ins would certainly be a kid that "do not mention it".

ns gusta a usar "Ens igual." o "¡No phow it is nada!" Ctop top mns esposa y niños.


What about "no hay de que". So together you have the right to check out sparklens many methods to express a thought, just together in English. Wouldn"t publications or conversation it is in borinns if we just provided one saying or phrase.

i offered to use "nunca mente", Due to the fact that ins appeared prefer a literal translate in that "never before mind". No principle exactly how that sounded, but I"ve long Due to the fact that switched come "no importa."

Blockquotethe expressi~ above "no hay de qué" ins just provided after ~ thanks. Rather 보다 "never mid", ins would be a kid of "do not cite it"

can a not say "No hay de qué preocuparte" (or would certainly it have to be "No hay por qué preocuparte" or (ns hope not) part other alternate the doesn"t also occur to me?

Lazaruns said

ns expressitop top "no hay de qué" ins only offered after thanks. Rather than "never before mind", ins would certainly it is in a kind that "do not cite it".

Thanks.i believed of don"t cite it yet ns was likewise reasoning along ns lines, "i forgained come give thanks to girlfriend for the birthday card", answer "never before mind or don"t cite it". Yet thins the food has actually Words give thanks to in it. Any kind of way, correction duly noted, hehe.

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