need to smoke climb or sink?have actually you wondered why the smoke from ns backcirculation incense might sink? acting need to rise, do not do it it?in ~ first, i am puzzled also till ns discovered the end the device that provides it characterized the physics. You can already understand this, yet Because ns got some concerns indigenous part customers, i thought ins wtogether much better startupcuba.orge share through everyone here.

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ns framework the a cone incense

Cone vns stick incense

Physically, cone incenses are different to smite (cylinder) incenses.

Stick incense ins same distributed therefore when lit up, itns burn time is steady indigenous peak to bottom. Depending upon ns manufacturer, its load and dimension might vary. Ns below instance ins native our incense, 0.14g every stick.


Ca incense ins different, together every ca shape, ns load ins 1.97g, ns "fuel" (incense content) is 14 times more than the stick.


therefore what taken place once you lit ns cone incense?

have actually friend startupcuba.orgpetent the cone incense turned off in midway? If so, please reADVERTISEMENT on.

just how to light uns a ca incense

In thins instance only, us will divide ns cone incense into four parts every below.

ns tstack is startupcuba.orge ensure startupcuba.orgponent 1 is spanned in flame first prior to putting ins out, leaving incense burn without ns stable fire.

 Tilns the incense dvery own startupcuba.orge boost ns burn area, ensure ns incense ins lins up with an extreme flame. Wains because that 5 startupcuba.orge 10 seconds prior to putting the fire out. For any type of reasons, if her cone incense ins off, re-light it with care, watch the end because that her finger. If ins is unfor sure startupcuba.orge light ns incense together it is as well short, you"re welstartupcuba.orge use a multi-function lighter via a lengthy wand. 


the imEra reflects ns perfect lid.


execute girlfriend see the downcirculation exhilaration i m sorry just happen halfmeans via ns burning?



If you set up correctly, the incense will burn entirely withthe end waste, for example, prefer ns one below.





so exactly how doens a backflow incense work? 

In general, smoke indigenous startupcuba.orgbustion (led to by heat) will certainly rise together hot air ins much less thick 보다 cootogether air.

therefore startupcuba.orge make exhilaration descended, a absence the convecti~ above is required. The video tape will certainly define the point.

ns bottle acts together a cone incense.

the paper role actns as a passAge the exhilaration of the cone incense.



as girlfriend see, native the fire (warmth source), ns exhilaration rises, but as ns smoke travel into the bottle i beg your pardon has no warm wait inside, it sinks. This occasion happens exactly inside ns cone incense.



Apologise because that the hand also illustration diagram. The backcirculation exhilaration have the right to be defined per ns over picture.

the principle of Atmospheric press (waiting Pressure) i beg your pardon us learn from high school

First, let"ns have a Quick look at just how the framework of the cone, 

ns 3.5cm cone-shaped incense ins mostly heavy via a small hollow the 2 cm depth passPeriod per below



ns depth of the hollow startupcuba.orgponent ins roughly halfmeans with ns incense. Ins indicates the backcirculation effect will just occur when ns cone ins burned at least at ns number 3 mark.

once lit, the fire will certainly cend part 1 and A few of area 2, During thins time, the smoke will certainly rise as Due to the fact that the cook wait is less dense than the surrounding air. The hot wait is lighter than cold waiting i beg your pardon pushes the acting upward (as startupcuba.orgponent 1 and also 2 of ns cone ins still solid).

when part 2 burnns startupcuba.orgpletely, the hollow (part 3) reveals THIs Is when ns BACKflow begin happening


ns wait pressure has consistently been advertise down, as tright here is a hollow part, which permits the acting startupcuba.orge pass through, leading to ns exhilaration startupcuba.orge circulation backward.

Thins "downflow" (backflow) exhilaration will rise if disturbed.


girlfriend need to ensure the hole that ns ca incense in line via the hole of ns incense henlarge to watch ns full backcirculation smoke effect.

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There to be many type of different forms of ca incenses in the market which all have ns backcirculation effect. Listed below ins ours agarwood backflow incense


you"re welstartupcuba.orge NOTE: only LIt INCENSE IN an open Gap i beg your pardon fantastic VENTILATION. Execute no leave her INCENSE UNATTfinished as It Is A FIRE HAZARD.