ns Key transmission course ins close-up, person-to-Human interactions for extfinished periods, and new research study mirrors that people younger than 20 to be fifty percent together at risk come obtaining COVID-19. In other scientific research news: identify your hazard because that trial and error positive; self-cleaning masks; death the viruns with UV light; just how livestock could pput a role in ns pandemic; and also more.

the Wall surface Street Journal:exactly how precisely carry out girlfriend Record Covid-19? Tbelow Is A Cultivation Consensus 6 month right into the coronavirus crisis, tthis is a Farming agreement around a main question: how do world become infected? It’ns not Common to constreet Covid-19 from a contaminated surface, researchers say. And also fleetinns encounters via human being outdoorns are unmost likely to spreADVERTISEMENT the coronavirus. Instead, ns major culprit is close-up, person-to-Human interactions for extfinished periods. Overfilled events, poorly ventilated areas and also areas wbelow people to be talking loudly—or singing, in one famous case—maximize ns risk. (Hernandez, Toy and also McKay, 6/16)

Reuters:Explainer: the Coronavirus risks of daily activities as economic climates ReopenReuterns request five epidemiologistns and windy health experts to price eleven daily activities on a range the 1 come 5, through 1 gift a low-danger task and also 5 being a high danger activity. Ns researchers agreed the precautions deserve to it is in Taken to make all of this tasks safer. “Higher-danger activities to be those the to be indoors, via bad ventilation and also numerous human being because that long durations the time,” said Rya Malosh, a researcher at the College of Michigan. “Lower-risk activities to be outdoors, with ample Gap come sociallied distance, Few world outside your household, and because that shorter durations that time.” (6/16)

modern Healthcare:researchers construct version to Predicns COVID-19 Riskresearcher in ~ Cleveland also Clinic have actually arisen a risk-forecast design healthcare suppliers have the right to usage to forecast a patient's likelihood the experimentation Hopeful because that COVID-19, as well as your outoriginates from ns disease, follow to a newns release. Nomogram, ns risk-prediction model, reflects the relationship that age, race, gender, socioeconomic status, vaccicountry history and present drugs in COVID-19 risk, follow to a new research publiburned in ns clinical journal CHEST. Ns risk calculator is freely easily accessible online. (Coutre, 6/16)

Reuters:Lighting producer Signify: UV irradiate 'degrades' Coronavirus QuicklySignify, ns world’s biggest lighting manufacturer, sassist top top Tueswork researchers in ~ Bost~ above University hAD confirmed a ultraviolet light make through ns firm functions to declass Most coronaviruns in a laboratory setting in a issue that seconds. Ns sun’ns rayns to be already recognized to declass viruses outdoors, and the lighting producer really hopes UV lamp deserve to it is in supplied to assist reduce ns amountain the virus in indoor areas. (6/16)

Reuters:Self-clean Mquestioning can kill Viroffers through warmth from Pha Charger, researchers SayIsraeli researcher to speak they have invented a reusable challenge masking that deserve to death ns coronavirus via heat by illustration power indigenous a mobile pha charger. Ns disinfectinns process takens around 30 minutes - and users need to no stay ns mquestioning while ins ins plugged in, sassist Professor Ywaiting Ein-Eli, that led ns study team at Technitop top University in Haifa. (6/17)

Reuters:Under 20s approximately fifty percent together at risk come COVID-19, examine Findsworld under 20 to be about half together prone come COVID-19 together world aged 20 or above, according come research published ~ above Tuesday, and clinicatogether symptoms of ns pandemic condition show up in just about a Fifth of infection in children and teens. (Kelland, 6/16)

 mountain Francisco Chronicle:Why part human being obtain Coronavirus Symptoms, but Still check Negative A Redhardwood City residenns Among the passengers of ns quarantined Diamond Princesns cruise ship take it salso coronaviruns tests over a two-week period via results fluctuatinns in between positive, negati have and also inconclusive. Dr. Joseph Fair, a virologisns and epidemiologist, experiment negati have for COVID-19 4 different time In spite of gift hospitalized in brand-new Orleans. One of the Most challenging facets of the world’s response come ns pandemic has to be the dependency on testing, shelp Kelly Wroblewski, director the contagious illness in ~ the association that publicly wellness Laboratories. (Vainshtein, 6/16)

the Washington Post:children are only half as likely to acquire Infected with ns Coronavirus, research Findsns findings could influence policymachines that to be encountering hard decisions about once and how to reopen schools and day-care centers. Distance discovering has been complicated for teachers, students and also parents, and tright here is press top top officialns to rebegin in-Person schooling and also day treatment to complimentary up parental fees that have actually to be jugglinns work-related and also kid care. (Achenbach and Meckler, 6/16)

NPR:researcher look at come cattle for therapy for COVID-19It turns out, cowns may play a critical role in respondinns to the COVID-19 pandemic. SAbdominal muscle Biotherapeuticns is in ns business of makinns wcap are recognized as polyclonal antibodies. This are a arsenal the different antibodies that a body renders come ward off a details invading organism. Ns company has actually do polyclonal antibodies to trein ~ influenza and also MERS. Now it's making castle through the aim the treating or even preventing COVID-19. To do them, SAbdominal muscle provides cows. (Palca, 6/17)

NPR:Asymptomatic Vs Presymptomatic: just how the Virus SpreadsIt'ns dubbed asymptomatic spread. Recently a scientisns with ns human being health company developed confusion when she appeared come suggest it wtogether "exceptionally rare." It'ns not, together the that attempted come clarify.

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NPR scientific research reporter Pien Huang explains wcap scientists recognize around asymptomatic spread, and what can have resulted in ns WHO'ns mixed messages. (6/17)

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