Tright here to be 10 methods to get indigenous Alabmaybe come north Carolina by plane, taxi, bus, train or car

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Alabama to north Carolina through buns

ns bus journey tins in between Alabmay be and phia bìc Carolina ins about 26h 55m and coverns a distance the approximately 394 miles. This has one averAge layOver time that roughly 20h 5m. Ns fascheck buns Generally takes 20h 55m. Activate by Megabus and also Flixbuns USA, the Alabama to north Carolina bus service decomponents indigenous Birmingham, Al and also come in Charlotte. Frequently four boffers operation weekly, although weekend and holiday schedule deserve to differ so check in advance.

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ns schedule presented listed below to be because that ns next easily accessible departures.

Alabmay be come north Carolina buns schedule

Megabus, Flixbuns united states of america
Megabus, Flixbus usa
Megabus, Flixbus united states of america
Megabus, Flixbus united states of america

the cheainsect means to get from Alabmay be to phia bìc Carolina is come drive i m sorry expenses $35-$55 and takens 6h 39m.

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ns quickesns means come acquire indigenous Alabama come north Carolina ins come paris i m sorry costs $130-$260 and takes 2h 24m.

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No, tright here ins no straight bus from Alabmaybe come north Carolina. However, tright here to be solutions departinns indigenous Birmingham, Al and also showing up in ~ Charlotte via Atlanta Downtown. The journey, consisting of transfers, takes about 7h 50m.

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It ins 477 mile from Alabmaybe come phia bìc Carolina. It ins roughly 390.4 miles come drive.

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the best means come get native Alabmaybe to north Carolina without a vehicle ins to bus by means of Atlanta which takes 7h 50m and also expenses $40-$55.

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It takes around 2h 24m come get native Alabmaybe to phia bìc Carolina, including transfers.

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Alabama come north Carolina buns services, activate through Megabus, depart from Birmingham, Atogether station.

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the finest way to acquire from Alabmay be to north Carolina ins come fly i beg your pardon takens 2h 24m and also prices $130-$260. Alternatively, friend have the right to buns via Atlanta, i beg your pardon prices $40-$55 and also takens 7h 50m, friend could also train, which expenses $55-$80 and takes 10h 20m.

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the quickest trip indigenous Huntsville Airharbor come Charlotte Airport is ns direct flight i m sorry takes 1h 38m.

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Alabama to north Carolina bus services, activate by Flixbus USA, arri have at Charlotte station.