you deserve to take a trip come Philadelphia and also Camden native many kind of locations in new Jersey. NJ TRANSIns have the right to take it you by train or buns come center City Philadelphia because that her commute come work, a family members day pilgrimage or a one-of-a-kind event. plan her trip for particular schedule and also fare information, and get terminal information including cycle and car parking options, and take it advantage of excellent companion discounts on entertainmenns and also admission to desticountries in Philadelphia.

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Atlantic City Raitogether Line

Atlantic City Rail line train operate between Atlantic City, NJ and Philadelphia 30th Streens Station, via connections come river line to Camden and also Trenttop top at Pennsauken Transins Center. Lindenwold terminal supplies convenient connections between PATCO and ns Atlantic City Rail Line.

river LINE

flow line connects neighborhoods between Trent~ above and Camden, simply throughout ns flow from Philadelphia, for occupational and also play. EnPleasure a picturesque ride alengthy the flow for festivalns and also events, unique dining, and historical destinations along the way. Pennsauken Transit center provides cost-free parking and also connections to Atlantic City and also Philadelphia through the Atlantic City Rail Line. River line is ns most basic way to every ns attractions alengthy the Camden Waterfront. Be safe and also drive alengthy the scenic Delaware River, and also make the pilgrimage component that ns fun!


NJ TRANSIt Bus business & center City Connector

Express and also local buns service connects Philadelphia via many type of new Jersey areas including: Atlantic City, Bridgeton, Camden, Cherry Hill Mall, Cinnaminson, Delran, Glassboro, Blacklumber (Gloucester Premium Outlets), Hammonttop top (Farley company Plaza ~ above Atlantic City Expressway), Maple Shade, Merchantville, Moorestown, Mt. Holly, Pennsauken Transit facility (cost-free Parking), Sicklerville (Avandale Park & journey - totally free Parking), and Willingboro Town Center.

Buns Route 551 gives company between Philadelphia and Atlantic City Buns Terminal, via simple connections come many shore desticountries in southern brand-new Jersey, consisting of Ventor, Margate, Longport, Brigantine, ocean City and also Sea Isle City.

The center City Connector provides service from numerous new Jersey communities to facility City. The 414 bus connects Maple Shade, Merchantville, and also Moorestown through Philadelphia, ns 417 bus provides business in between Philadelphia and Cinnaminson, Delran, Mt. Holly, Pennsauken, and Willingboro. Ns 555 bus offers expush company come Philadelphia indigenous ns Avandale Park & drive in Sicklerille. Atlantic City Rail heat ticket and weekly/monthly overcome are embraced top top the 417 bus in between Philadelphia and Pennsauken Transins Center.

Bus routes 313/315 carry out day-to-day year-round business in between Philadelphia, Wildwood, and Cape May. Buns route 316 offers seasonatogether summer service, and contains a stop at 30th Streens station (in ~ JFK Boulevard) in Philadelphia, permitting simple connections with Amtrak and SEPTA services. In addition, the 316 offer ns Gloucester Premium Outallows in Blackwood.

save 25% or even more on round-expedition excursi~ above tickets:

$20 Atlantic City - Philadelphia (Buns path 551)$30 Wildlumber - Philadelphia (Bus course 316)$33 Cape might - Philadelphia (Buns course 316)

Excursion tickets have to be purchased at Atlantic City Buns Terminal, Philadelphia Greyhound Bus Terminal, Philadelphia 30th Streens Station, Wildtimber Terminal, or making use of the NJ TRANSIt mobile App, and to be valid for 10 days native date that sale.

arrangement your trip

plan your trip for schedules and also fare choices plus relationships through other NJ TRANSIT, SEPTA and also PATCO services.

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travel tips

If girlfriend are taking the bus, Purchase ticket native Tickens Vfinishing equipments (TVMs) at major bus terminals or you might pay the fare top top the bus. Many regional bprovides need precise adjust in coins or $1 by train? Purchase two one-method tickets for her round-trip transport before boardinns ns train. A $5 surcharge uses to tickets to buy onplank if friend board in ~ a terminal wright here tickens vending machines or ticket agentns to be available.