There are 134.65 miles native Texarkana to little Rock in northeast directitop top and 143 mile (230.14 kilometers) by car, complying with ns I-30 route.

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Texarkana and also little rock are 2 hours 16 mins far apart, if girlfriend journey non-stop.

Thins ins the fascheck course from Texarkana, AR to little bit Rock, AR. The halfway allude is Arkadelphia, AR.

Texarkana, AR and bit Rock, AR are in ns very same tins zone (CDT). Existing tins in both areas is 1:46 am.

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Shto be with Fellow visitors any type of Inquiry or tips around ns path indigenous Texarkana, AR come little bit Rock, AR:

Gas intake and also Emissions

A vehicle through a fuetogether performance of MPns will require 5.75 gallonns the gregarding cend the course in between Texarkana, AR and also little Rock, AR.

the estimated cost of gregarding walk indigenous Texarkana to little bit absent ins $18.24.

During ns route, an averAge auto will certainly release 112.72 pounds that CO2 to ns atmosphere. The carbtop top footPublish would certainly it is in 0.79 pounds of CO2 per mile.

AverEra usa gtogether price cream used for calculate is $3.17 every gallon of constant gas. Price critical updated top top September 23, 2021.

best many hotels In or near little bit Rock, AR

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Halfmeans suggest between Texarkana, AR and bit Rock, AR

If friend desire come accomplish halfway between Texarkana, AR and bit Rock, AR or simply do a speak in ns Center of her trip, the precise coordinates of the halfmeans allude of this course to be 34.075592 and also -93.119591, or 34º 4" 32.1312" N, 93º 7" 10.5276" W. Thins location is 71.63 miles ameans indigenous Texarkana, AR and bit Rock, AR and also it would certainly take it around 1 hours 8 mins to reach the halfway point from both locations.

Closesns City or Town come Halfmeans Point

the closest town come the halfmethod point is Arkadelphia, AR, positioned 77 miles from Texarkana, AR and 69 miles from little bit Rock, AR. It would take 1 hour 14 mins come go from Texarkana come Arkadelphia and also 1 hours 10 mins come walk native little bit rock come Arkadelphia.

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Weather in Texarkana and little Rock

compare ns weatshe this day and ns next four days in Texarkana, AR and also bit Rock, AR:


irradiate rain top top Wednesjob and next Thursday.

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