discover the end just how lengthy Octopath Traveler is for this reason friend deserve to divvy uns your pput time and price ns Concern that just how lengthy does it take to beat ns game.

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Octopath Traveler is a JRPg in ns Timeless sense. The suggests it’ns going to take you awhile come beat ns game. The course, like many various other Games prior to it, world are goinns to want to understand just how long is Octopath Traveler, and also we’re right here come prize that Inquiry today. In thins short article we’ltogether cover exactly how long ins takens come bein ~ Octocourse Traveler, so friend deserve to correctly setup exactly how friend want come spfinish her time through ns game. No one will certainly be able to paris with ns game, yet if you’re going together quickly as feasible understanding how lengthy Octoroute Traveler ins will definitely help out.

exactly how long is Octopath Traveler?

30+ Chapters30 - 60 Hours

Anya who tried their hand in ~ the Octoroute Traveler demo need to have a general idea the exactly how lengthy it takens come make it through the initially two chapters. If that isn’ns a straight indication the exactly how lengthy ns entire Game is, it’ns sufficient to provide friend a faint idea. Octopath Traveler has over 30 chapters, i m sorry means if you’re flying through ns Video Game it’s going to take you at leastern 30 hours. Savvy “speed runners” could be able to obtain that number down come 20-25 hours, but absolutely not ~ above her initially play with as soon as you’re stiltogether tryinns to number things out.

because that the averAge person, that likes come take it your time however won’t do every feasible next quest or activity, Octocourse Traveler must take it around 35-45 hours to complete. The tins will certainly vary depending on exactly how regularly friend get sidetracked, exactly how long girlfriend require to figure out how you want to outfins her party and also points that that nature. Unmuch less you’re a genuine stickler for getting everything done and also having actually ns perfecns party, ins shouldn’t take you more 보다 45 hours to acquire through ns game.

the completionists who need to discover everything and also max the end all of your personalities will certainly discover that Octopath Traveler will certainly take it increase that 60-70 hours to complete. The number have the right to it is in extfinished depending upon simply just how long friend spfinish top top eextremely bit next quest, however it must it is in approximately 60 hrs come gain everything done.

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simply to gain your 4 Key heroes as much as roughly levetogether 40 you’re goinns come it is in playing for roughly 25 hours. Once you’ve acquired that out the the way, you’ll still need around 20-30 hours to finish uns the Main story chapters. Thins contains collectinns loot from a multitude the dungeons the are littered throughout the map. Part players will certainly move a little faster once castle have actually the basics the ns Video Game down, yet others will still take it your time through things.

If you’re in search of even more information on ns game, be sure to inspect the end our Octoroute Traveler Video Game hub!