“how Many kind of time execute us have to Teach girlfriend Thins Lesson, Old Man?” is a memorable quote uttered native ns American manga teleivichild seriens SpongeBob SquarePants. Online, a screenRecord the ns heat gift sassist has to be used as a hoax about having to repein ~ one’ns me aggressively.

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~ above October 5th, 2001, the SpongeBob SquarePants illustration “the Bully” premiered in ns joined States. In the episode, a brand-new character bullies ns titular character, SpongeBob. During the episode, as SpongeBob flees the bully’s threats, one angry group mistakens one old guy for ns bully. As soon as thins happens a 2nd time, a personality says, “just how many time perform we need to teach girlfriend ns same lesson, old man?”

around 10 years later, YouTuber ryan445544 post a clip that ns step ~ above the site. The post got more than 310,000 see in eighns years (displayed below).


ns following year, on respectable 9th, YouTuber Avromps1999 posted one more version that the clins with ns location “just how Many type of time execute us have to Teach girlfriend Thins Lesson, Old Man? (Initial Scene).” ns write-up received more 보다 1.2 million views in seven years.

~ above in march 11th, 2016, Twitter user
PIACID_ tweeted around the scene, recreating it in a series that screenshot in a thread. The write-up special ns heat obtained even more 보다 13,000 retweetns and 12,000 likens in 3 years (displayed below, left). A number of weeks later, Redditor MGLLN posted the threAD in ns /r/BlackPeopleTwitter. Ns article received more 보다 9,000 points (87% upvoted) in 3 years.

ns adhering to year, top top February 23rd, 2017, Twitter accounting
Blops4Clipns tweeted, “when ns enemy 76 keeps thinking the have the right to 1v6 just Since hins ult ins up. ‘just how many time perform us have to teach friend thins lesson old man?"” castle had ns screenswarm together a reaction come the post. Wislim 2 years, ns post got even more than 500 retweetns and 1,400 likes (presented below, center).

a number of month later, ~ above June 29th, Instagram user
spitblaze offered ns imPeriod with the caption “when a Game provides friend fight the exact same boss 3 different times.” the article received even more 보다 60,000 notes in two year (displayed below, right).

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~ above February 6th, 2019, Redditor musicman662 post a variation through ns Reddit logo design end ns character challenge and ns subtitle “once ns nfl uptons the halftins show because that a third tins thinking we wouldn’t notice.” ns write-up got more 보다 16,000 pointns (97% upvoted) and 120 comment (shown below).

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