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thorough information top top ns chemistry element Copevery ins offered ~ above this page; including scores of properties, facet names in many languages, Most known nuclides that Copper. Typical chemistry compoundns are likewise gave because that many type of elements. In enhancement technological terms are linked to your meanings and the menu has web links to related write-ups the to be an excellent aid in one"s studies.

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Copevery PAge OneOverview of CopperCopper"ns surname in other Languagesatom structure that Copperchemical nature the Copperphysics properties of Copperregulation / HealthWho/When/Where/HowCopper PEra TwoNuclidens / IsotopesPotentiatogether Parent NuclidesCopper PPeriod ThreeUsual chemical Compounds that Copper

Synopsis the Copper

atom Number: 29Group: 11Period: 4Series: shift Metals

Copper"ns name in various other Languages

Latin: CuprumCzech: Měd´Croatian: BakarFrench: CuivreGerman: Kupfer - eItalian: RameNorwegian: KobberPortuguese: CobreRussian: МедьSpanish: CobreSwedish: Kopparatomic structure that Copperatomic Radius: 1.57Åatom Volume: 7.1cm3/molCovalent Radius: 1.17Åcross Section (heat ghost Capture)σa/barns: 3.78crystal Structure: Cubic confront centered
Electr~ above Configuration:1s2 2s2p6 3s2p6d10 4s1electrons every power Level: 2,8,18,1Covering Model
Ionic Radius:
0.73Åpour it until it is full Orbital: 3d10variety of electrons (with no charge): 29number of neutrons (Many common/secure nuclide): 35number of Protons: 29Oxidatitop top States: 2,1Valence Electrons: 3d10 4s1

chemical nature of Copper

Electrochemical Equivalent: 1.1855g/amp-hrElectr~ above job-related Function: 4.65eVElectronegativity: 1.9 (Pauling); 1.75 (Allpole Rochow)warm that Fusion: 13.05kJ/molIncompatibilities:Oxidizers, alkalis, sodium azide, acetyleneIonizatitop top PotentialFirst: 7.726Second: 20.292Third: 36.83Valence Electr~ above Potentiatogether (-eV): 34

physical properties that Copper

atomic Mass Average: 63.546Boiling Point: 2840K 2567°C 4653°FCoreliable of lineal heat expansion/K-1: 16.5E-6ConductivityElectrical: 0.596 106/cm ΩThermal: 4.01 W/cmKDensity: 8.96g/cc
300KDescription: Reddish oselection transition metal.Elastic Modulus:Bulk: 137.8/GPaRigidity: 48.3/GPaYoungs: 129.8/GPaEnthalpy of Atomization: 338.9 kJ/mole
25°CEnthalpy of Fusion: 13.01 kJ/moleEnthalpy that Vaporization: 304.6 kJ/moleFlammablity Class: Non-combustible heavy (except together dust)freeze Point: see melting pointHardnesns ScaleBrinell: 874 MN m-2Mohs: 3Vickers: 369 MN m-2heat of Vaporization: 300.3kJ/molmelt Point: 1357.75K 1084.6°C 1984.3°FMolar Volume: 7.11 cm3/moleOptical Reflectivity: 90%physics State (at 20°C & 1atm): Solidcertain Heat: 0.38J/gKVapor Pressure = 0.0505Pa

regulatory / Health

Cas Number7440-50-8RTECS: GL5325000NFPA 704Health: 2Fire: Reactivity:unique Hazard: OSHA permit Expocertain limit (PEL)TWA: 1 mg/m3OSHA PEl Vacated 1989TWA: 1 mg/m3NIOSH Recommended Expocertain limit (REL)TWA: 1 mg/m3IDLH: 100 mg/m3 routes of Exposure: Inhalation; Ingestion; Skin and/or eye contactTarget Organs: Eyes, skin, respiratory system, liver, kidneys (increase(d) threat with Wilson"ns disease)level In Humans:Note: thins information represents naturally occuring levels of elements in ns Usual human, it DOEs not reexisting recommended day-to-day allowances.Blood/mns dm-3: 1.01Bone/p.p.m: 1-26Liver/p.p.m: 30Muscle/p.p.m: 10daily dietary Intake: 0.50-6 mgcomplete Mass In Avg. 70kg human: 72 mg

that / Wright here / as soon as / How

Discoverer: known come Ancient civilizationdiscovery Location: Unknownexploration Year: Unknownsurname Origin:Latin: cyprium (island that Cypruns famed for itns copper mines).Abunrun the Copper:Earth"ns Crust/p.p.m.: 50Seawater/p.p.m.: Atlantic Suface: 0.00008Atlantic Deep: 0.00012Pacific Surface: 0.00008Pacific Deep: 0.00028Atmosphere/p.p.m.: N/ASun (loved one come H=1E12): 1.15resources the Copper:Pure copevery wake up rarely in nature. Generally copper uncovered in such minerals as azurite, malachite and bornite and in sulfidens as in chalcopyrite (CuFeS2), coveheat (CuS), chalcosine (Cu2S) or oxidens like cuprite (Cu2O). Copevery is acquired by smelting, leaching and by electrolysis. Yearly world production ins about 6,540,000 tons. Major mining areas to be in USA, Zaire, Zambia, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Russia and Australia.uses that Copper:Most frequently supplied as an electric conductor. Itns alloys are offered in jewelry, copper sculpturens and also for coins. Ns skin of ns frostbite of Liberty is made that copper.added Notes:Copper is an extremely exciting element. Ins is among ns transition aspects that actually offers electrons from among the inner orbitals in chemical reactions. In addition, ins has even more than a oxidatitop top state. Like many of the change elements, copper has actually a fancy ion. Copevery frequently creates a bluish Green solution. Copevery (Cu) has actually 2 valences Cu i (cuprous) has actually a valence electr~ above and Cu Ii (cupric) has 2 valence electrons. Copper was among ns earliest recognized metals, having reportedly been mined for end 5000 years. In nature it has actually 2 isotopes, 63 (69.09%), i m sorry has actually 29 electron and also protons and also 34 neutrons, and 65 (30.91%), i beg your pardon has 29 electron and also prolots and 36 neutrons. Brasns and also bronze to be alloys the copper.

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Copper PPeriod OneSynopsis of CopperCopper"ns name in other Languagesatomic framework the Copperchemical properties of Copperphysics properties that Copperregulatory / HealthWho/When/Where/HowCopper PEra TwoNuclides / IsotopesPotentiatogether Pnot NuclidesCopevery PPeriod ThreeCommon chemical Compoundns the Copper


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Anatomy the ns AtomAnswers many kind of inquiries about ns structure that atoms.Molarity, Molality and Normalityintroduces stoichiometry and defines the differences in between molarity, molality and normality.Molar Mass Calculations and Javamanuscript CalculatorMolar mass calculation to be described and tbelow ins a Javascript calculator to aid calculations.chemical DatabaseThins databasic focuses ~ above the Most Typical chemical compoundns offered in the residence and industry.

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