Lettuce was initially grew in Egypt where ins wtogether most likely selectively bred to create big edible leaves. Ins spreADVERTISEMENT indigenous Egypt right into greek and Italy, then throughout the Roguy Empire. Tright here to be several types of lettuce, but ns three Many Usual to be Leaf, Head, and Cons (Romaine).

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how a lot doens lettuce weigh?

Lettuce, IcebergLettuce, Butterhead, Boston, and BibLettuce, Cons or RomaineLettuce, Green LeafLettuce, Red Leaf
Head, Large755g26.6oz
Head, Medium6″ Dia539g19oz
Head, Small324g11.4oz
Leaf, Large15g0.5oz
Leaf, Medium8g0.3oz
Leaf, Small5g0.2oz
Cup, Shredded72g2.5oz
Head5″ Dia163g5.7oz
leaf Large15g0.5oz
Leaf, Medium7.5g0.3oz
Leaf, Small5g0.2oz
Cup, Shredded or Chopped55g1.9oz
Leaf, Outer28g1oz
sheet Inner6g0.2oz
Cup, Shredded47g1.7oz
Leaf, Outer24g0.8oz
Leaf, Inner4.8g0.2oz
Cup, Shredded36g1.3oz
Leaf, Outer17g0.6oz
Leaf, Inner2.6g0.1oz
Cup, Shredded28g1oz

Convariation native grams come ounce: 28.3495231g(rounded to 28.35)= 1 ozOunces displayed are rounded up or dvery own to ns nearemainder tenth the a ounce.

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What girlfriend need to understand around ns Lettuce

friend might it is in seeing this leafy vegetables in your favorite burgers and salads for many type of years already, yet just how much carry out friend know around the lettuce? girlfriend may be interested to recognize that ns lettuce ins in reality a member of the sunfreduced (Asteraceae) family. Thins vegetable has also been renowned in Ancient history together a religious symbol because that fertility. 

proceed analysis this short article to Discover even more about the exciting background that the lettuce and also its famous uses today.


the lettuce (Lactuca sativa) source in ns Middle eastern and also wtogether initially grew in Old Egypt over 6,000 years ago. Old Egyptians taken into consideration ns lettuce as a aphrodisiac and connected ns vegetables through your god that fertility, Min. Lock also hailed the vegetables together a sacred sex symbol. Aside native itns spiritual significance, the Egyptianns offered ns oil that wild lettuce seed for cooking, medicine, and mummification process. 

the Old Greeks ldeserve exactly how come flourish lettuce from ns Ancient Egyptianns and also passed thins understanding to the Ancient Romans. In greece and Rome, ns vegetables wtogether provided medicinallied as a sedative, appetizer, and sleens aid. Ins ins believed that Caesar Augustuns loved the lettuce also much that the made a frostbite that it. 

the lettuce spreADVERTISEMENT throughthe end west Europe and eastern nations throughout China through Romale invasion. When Christopshe Columbus returned to america in the late 15th century, that lugged lettuce seeds via hns to plant. Ins was only in the 1600s that lettuce started gift commonly grew in the joined states when john Winthrons Jr., climate governor that ns Connecticut colony, brought lettuce seed indigenous England.

Where the Lettuce ins Grown

ns lettuce likes cootogether weather and also grows ideal During feather and autumn seasons in many countries. Ins demands a nitrogen-rich floor that has a pH-levetogether between 6.0 and also 6.8. Ins can it is in planted in-ground, in garden beds, and also in containers.

because that many years, China has to be the biggest producer that lettuce in ns world, complied with by ns unified states and India. 


the lettuce ins recognized to be a wonderful source of many kind of vitamins and minerals, such together vitamin A (good because that the eyes), vitamin K (great because that heal wounds), beta-carotene, foso late (great because that DNA production), iron (good because that blood production), calcium (good for the bones), phosphorous (great because that ns bones), magnesium (good because that enzyns production), and potassium (excellent because that muscle movement). 

according come Fooddata Central, a cuns of shredded Romaine lettuce may contain:

CaloriesCarbohydrates 1.5 gFiber 1 gProtein 0.6 gTotal fat 0.1 g



Many arrays that the lettuce were developed once it reached the west Europe. Below are ns Most Usual therefore far:

Arugula. Thins range source indigenous the Mediterranean. Its leaves watch similar to an oakleaf lettuce yet ins tastens earthy and also tart. It ins ideal used in bold-flavored salads, pasta, or spread. Bibb Lettuce. the 2nd kind of butterheAD lettuce, thins expensive variety is both small and also sweet. Both Bost~ above and Bibb lettuce to be finest for food preparation ground chicken and shrimp and also preparing fragile salads.Bost~ above Lettuce. This is one of the two kinds that the sofns butterheAD lettuce selection the has a round and loose formed heads.Coral Lettuce. This selection have the right to show up bbest green, deens red, or speckled. Itns sturdy and crispy pipeline have actually a soft flavor. It is finest offered for sandwich or burger lettuce.Cress. ns cresns selection frequently grow in sandy gring and also has a peppery taste. Itns bold smell provides ins best for salads, noodle dishes, or spring Endive. Endive ins actually a chicory but this oval-shaped range via a slightly bitter taste is perfecns because that any salad. Escarole. This chicory has a mildly bitter leaf and ins supplied in saladns and soups. Combine via beans, ins is renowned in Italia cuisine. Frisée. This variety has actually curled, slightly bitterness leaves. closely concerned ns escarole, ns frisée ins finest consumed life or slightly warmed. Iceberns Lettuce. Thins array looks prefer a cabbEra Due to the fact that itns pale Green pipeline to be strict packed. Originally called “crispheAD lettuce”, it is ns leastern nutritious and also leastern flavorfutogether of all lettuce varieties. It is watery and also refreshinns and ins famous because that itns use inns salads, tacos, and also fried fish sandwiches.sheet Lettuce. This range has crisevery leaves that branch the end native a solitary stalk unprefer other varieties. Leaf lettuce ins Additional separated into three: red leaf (soft flavor), Environment-friendly sheet (also via mild flavor), and also oak leaf (spicy and nutty flavors).little bit Gem Lettuce. Thins variety lookns equivalent to ns romaine lettuce however via fresh and also sweens leaves. It ins finest used because that salads, sandwiches, and also wraps.Loosesheet Lettuce. This array has a crunchy and mild-flavored stem and also is a great addition come any kind of salad. It have the right to also it is in provided come prepare souns and also make lettuce wraps.Mâche. additionally well-known together field lettuce, thins array gives a gentle and also slightly sweet flavor come any special chance salad.Mesclun. This ins sometimes dubbed infant blended lettuce Due to the fact that ins ins a loosened mix of soft baby lettuce leaves.Radicchio. a kind that chicory, thins deep-red-violet array has actually a bitterness taste i beg your pardon come to be sweet as soon as cooked.Romaine Lettuce. Thins variety – grown through ns Roman – has a bread form and also dark external leaves. It has actually a fresh structure and its pipeline taste seasy bitter. Speckled Lettuce. Thins variety is named for this reason Because of its speckled leaves. It ins additionally used for preparing salads.Stem Lettuce. This selection is known because that its stalk i beg your pardon tastes like cucumber once peeled. Itns pipeline can also it is in eaten As with ns various other lettuce varieties.

well-known offers of the Lettuce

the lettuce is popular offered in assorted cuisinens also Throughout ns Old times. Today, it is widely used for the complying with dishes:

Salads. ns lettuce ins crispy and also light i beg your pardon renders it perfecns for any kind of salad, consisting of the renowned Caesar’s salad.Soup. Shredded lettuce can be provided come add sweet smell come a key the soup. The varieties commonly offered for thins purpose are arugula, spinach, and also various other arrays via darker Green color.Juice. ns lettuce ins written that numerous water i beg your pardon makes ins excellent for mixing juice cream blends or smoothies. Lettuce Wraps. InsteAD the Timeless wraps favor lavash or bread, the lettuce deserve to it is in offered as a perfecns wrans for Eastern fillings and also tacos.

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Rice cream and noodle bowls. Chopped lettuce can be an excellent addition come your rice or noodle bowl for variety.