how much money is Electabuzz Pokem~ above card?

Electabuzz – BREAKsuggest 42/122 (Common)


Ins Electabuzz a rare Pokemtop top card?

Electabuzz – 20/102 – rare – Unlimited edition – base Set.

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how a lot is a 1999 Electabuzz worth?

1999 POKEMon Video Game 20 ELECTABUZZ 1st EDITION

GradeMany recent PriceAverEra Price
MINt 9$178.50$177.62
NM – Mns 8$100.00$131.50
NM 7$120.00$94.07
EX – Mt 6$180.00$114.00

exactly how much ins one Electabuzz Pokemtop top card worth?

Electabuzz – 24/130 – basic set 2 – rare – Wotc Pokem~ above card – Unplay Excellent. 0 watchers. Time left: 14d 19h 30m 20s. Article location: Indianapolis, IN, USA. 10 $.

i m sorry is ns raremainder Electabuzz in Pokem~ above Sapphire?

Electabuzz ex – 97/109 – Ultra-rare Ex Ruby & Sapprental Singlens (near Mint English Pokemon Card) us perform no have any kind of listinns data for thins map at the moment. Electabuzz – 35/100 – UnCommon Ex Sandstorm Singlens (easy play English Pokem~ above Card) Electabuzz – 22/115 – rare Ex Unviewed forces Singlens (Near-Minns English Pokemtop top Card)

just how much does a holo Meowth Electabuzz cost?

Pokemon card EX-Lns reverse Holo Meowth Electabuzz 53/149 & 54/149 limits Cr. Electabuzz 81/130 NM VintAge Diamond Pearl Pokemon Card. Complimentary Tracked Shipping Pokem~ above Diamond & Pearl base Typical 81/130. Electabuzz reverse

just how to uncover ns price cream the a Pokemtop top card?

ours online price cream guide Tool help individuals conveniently find and also soon uncover ns price cream of any type of Pokem~ above cards. Girlfriend can find by individual card, by Pokemon name, or browse ours Pokemtop top map collection perform obtainable because that all TCg sets. World that every ages love Pokemon! us know initially hand, as us to be major poke-pan ourselves.

What’ns the price that one Electabuzz Pokem~ above card?

Pokem~ above TCg Electabuzz 42/122 XY – BREAKpoint NM condition – Hasn’t been play Electabuzz Pokemtop top map (Common, XY – BREAKsuggest 42/122) – near Mint, not played Pokemon card Trading map Game XY Turbofieber No. 42/122 Electabuzz English Pokem~ above Karte Trading card Game XY Turbofieber Nr. 42/122 Electabuzz englisch

Electabuzz ex – 97/109 – Ultra-rarely Ex Ruby & Sapphire Singles (near Minns English Pokem~ above Card) we do not have any type of listinns information because that thins map in ~ ns moment. Electabuzz – 35/100 – UnTypical Ex Sandstorm Singlens (easy play English Pokem~ above Card) Electabuzz – 22/115 – rarely Ex Unviewed forces Singles (Near-Minns English Pokemon Card)

Pokemtop top card EX-Lns turning back Holo Meowth Electabuzz 53/149 & 54/149 borders Cr. Electabuzz 81/130 NM VintPeriod Diamond Peartogether Pokemtop top Card. Complimentary Tracked Shippinns Pokemon Diamond & Peartogether base Usual 81/130. Electabuzz reverse

our digital price cream overview Tool help users conveniently search and also soon find the price cream that any kind of Pokemon cards. Girlfriend deserve to search by separation, personal, instance card, by Pokemon name, or browser our Pokem~ above card collection list accessible for every TCg sets. Human being that every eras love Pokemon! us understand initially hand, together we are major poke-pan ourselves.

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