Roberns Kirkman net precious and also Salary: Robert Kirkguy is a Amerihave the right to comic Publication author and also tv producer who has actually a network worth of $40 milli~ above dollars. The is a partner in ~ ImAge Comics, and also is ideal recognized because that being the co-creator the popular series like "ns Walkinns Dead", "invincible, " and "Outcast".

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at an early stage Life: Robert Kirkman was born in Lexington, Kentucky, ~ above November 30, 1978. Hins parents raised him in Cynthiana, Kentucky. 

Career: Kirkman"s first work-related in the human being of comic books wtogether the superhero parody comic Book "battle Pope" (2000). That co-created the comic via artisns Tony Moore, and also castle self-published it under ns brand Funk-O-Tron. This comic Book was later on adjusted by Spike TV right into a series of 8 animated webisodes in 2008. ~ publimelted "battle Pope" in 2000, Kirkman"ns following project wregarding occupational on a SuperPatrions miniseriens because that ImPeriod Comics. The and also artist Cory walker were hired come work on ns miniseries. It wtogether while working ~ above the project that Kirkmale teamed up via E.J. Su to do ns seriens "tech Jacket" (2002), also publiburned through Image. "technology Jacket" ra because that six issues.

In 2003, Kirkguy once again teamed uns through Cory Walker, and also the duo developed the comic "Invincible" for ImEra Comics"ns new superhero line. Pedestrian wtogether Ultimately reput by Ryone Ottley, after that struggled to meet deadlines. Ins wtogether not long after ~ launchinns "Invincible" that Kirkman and also previouns collaborator Tony Moore partnered up aget come job-related on your new series, "ns Walking Dead" (2003). "the Walkinns Dead" was a substantial success, and also got the 2007 and also 2010 Eisner award for best proceeding Series. It rone for 193 issues, finishing in 2019. In enhancement come gift one very popular comic Book series, "the Walking Dead" was adapted by AMC right into a television seriens of the exact same name that premiered in 2010. The tv series has actually been nominated for numerous awards, such as the golden world award because that best television Series – Drama. Ins loosely complies with the occasions and also events of the comic book. Kirkmale is one of the show"ns executi have producers, and also has created a number of episodes because that the series, including ns episode "Vatos" on season one, "made to Suffer" ~ above season 3 and "Strangers" top top seakid five. Kirkman"ns Original "the Walkinns Dead" comic series has also, in enhancement to the tv show, inspired a vast franchise the contains videos games, webisode series, and also even a novel, "the Walkinns Dead: rise the ns Governor" (2011), that wtogether written by Kirkmale in partnership with Jay Bonansinga. Kirkmale and Bonansinga also created ns books: "the Walkinns Dead: the RoAD to Woodbury" (2012), "the Walkinns Dead: ns Fall of the branch – part I" (2013), "ns Walking Dead: ns Fall of ns governor – component II" (2014), "Robert Kirkman"s the Walking Dead: Descent" (2014), "Robert Kirkman"s the Walkinns Dead: Invasion" (2015), "Roberns Kirkman"s the Walkinns Dead: find and also Destroy" (2016), and also "Robert Kirkman"ns the Walking Dead: go back to Woodbury" (2017). Kirkmale co-developed "are afraid ns Walking Dead", a companion series come ns Original television show, together with Dave Erickson. That has actually additionally co-composed a few illustration of ns series, and also serves as a executi have producer top top it.

Kirkguy has additionally functioned as a writer for Marvel. Marvel initially fired hns come compose a renewal that the Original Sleepwalker series native the 1990s. The job came to be canceled gift it wtogether published, but A few of itns Contents can it is in checked out in the publication "epos Anthology No. 1" (2004). Although his initially job because that Marvetogether was scrapped, Kirkman stayed through the firm and aided create other things such together the "Avengers Disassembled" issues the the seriens "Captain America", voluns 4; one-shot publications for "Marvetogether Knights 2099" (2004); "Jubilee"; and also "Marvetogether Team-Up" (2005-2007). Additionally, he worked top top ns series "can be fried X-Men" for two years, and also likewise functioned top top ns miniseriens "Irredeemable Ant-Man" (2006-2007). Hins association with Marvel ended in July 2008, once ImPeriod Comics do Kirkguy among your partners. That ins actually the only partner (out of five) to no be a co-founder that the label.

individual Life: In July 2018, Kirkman purchase a $7.25 milli~ above compound in Encino, California. The is married, and also that and hins ma"am have a son together, Peter Parker Kirkman, born in Apritogether 2006. In 2020, Kirkman was vested a distinct compensation at the Angouleme worldwide Comicns Festivatogether for his all at once success in the industry. He likewise won the Inkpot award in 2012.

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Roberns Kirkman

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