In thins lesson, stop Find Out how to speak Era in Japanese and what friend must it is in mindful with when girlfriend to speak “year old.”

Discover Jasualization Numbers

first you must recognize exactly how to speak Jasupania numbers native 1 to 10.

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together friend can watch below, us have 2 means come to speak 4, 7, and also 9. Once it comes to age, girlfriend have to use よん (yon) because that 4, なな (nana) for 7, and also きゅう (kyuu) because that 9.

If you nothing know Jasualization numbers approximately 99 yet, clock the video below. Ns will certainly walk friend via just how come say Jasualization numbers action by action native 1 come 10, 11 come 19, and also 20 to 90.

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In instance girlfriend to be wonder why us have actually 2 methods to say 4, 7, and also 9, girlfriend can likewise watch ns lesboy below.

Years Old – 歳(さい)sai

“Years old” in Jasupania ins 歳(さい)SAI. So, friend must add SAns to every number Just like you add “year old” in English.

However, once it involves 1 year old, 8 years old and also 10 years old, tbelow are joint adjustmentns take place together below.

1 year old = not “ichi sai” → いっさい  i ssai8 year old = no “hachi sai” → はっさい ha ssai10 years old = not “juu sai” → じゅっさい ju ssai

and ns joint adjustmentns stated previously are in effect even if ns number ins enlarge than 10. Come speak “38 year old,” because that instance, girlfriend apply ns together “ha ssai” because that ns “8 year old” part and also speak さんじゅうはっさい san juu ha ssai.

friend perform ns very same for “1 year old” いっさい i ssai and also “10 year old” ju ssai together Instances below.

11 year old = juu ns ssai51 years old = go juu i ssai81 year old = hachi juu ns ssai40 year old = yon ju ssai 70 year old = nana ju ssai

ns expect this lesson helped girlfriend to check out just how to speak her Period in Japanese!

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