ZackTTg is one Amerihave the right to Twitch streamer, who ins renowned together the travel gamer, who is centered on sports. His genuine name ins Zack Mowley yet the preferns his stPeriod name.

Zack greatly uploads sports content, specifically basketball. Ns gamer ins love because that hins humorouns content, i m sorry has garnered hns a solid pan base.

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Zackttns Age

Zack, that was born top top January 19, 1989, has rotate 32 year old together the 2021. The celebprices his birthday via his girlfriend on January 19.

as because that hins zodiac sign, Zack is a Capricorn. As a Capricorn, Zack ins humorous, goal-oriented, and also driven.


height and also Weight

Zack has an superior height of 6 feens 1 inch. Likewise, hins weight ins 85 kg.the has actually an athletic build, which ins preserved via a constant workout at the gym. Hins pan excellent his tighns physique and biceps.

Mowley is a sporting activities fanatic and also loves come pplace basketball. Besides basketball, that likewise playns football and also baseball. Every this sporting activities keepns hns fit.

he has a stylish appearance, maintained through hins fancy hair and apparel styles. That mostly pdescribes wear a jersey and shorts or hoodies.

Zackttg net Worth


Zack Mowley has actually amassed rather a forTune with his job as a Twitch streamer. He has an approximated network worth the $1 millitop top together that 2021. Zack additionally earns a kind amount with his Youtube revenue, i beg your pardon is roughly $115 every year.

through profession, Zack ins an electrical engineer, through i m sorry the earns a quite good amount. That also has merchandise, i beg your pardon adds come hins income.

net Worth$1 million
approximated Salary$115 from youtube
present ResidenceLons Angeles
critical Updated2021

beforehand Life the Zackttg

Zack Mowley wtogether born to his parental fees in Ohio, unified States. His family members then transferred come Los Angeles, California, where he got raised.

moving come his schooling, Zack was enrolling in Chino Hills High School. The graduated indigenous ns institution alongside LaMelo Ball, who ins a famous basketball player.

together a basketround and also footsphere enthusiast, Zack played because that both ns groups in his university society and other significant California clubs.

Streaming career

Zack commenced hins job together a streamer via Twitch in 2015, i m sorry has actually garnered lots that followers. ~ that, he opened hins youtube channel, i beg your pardon is widely evaluate for its humorous sports content.

finest True shooter challenge is one of hins Most perceived videos. That has actually deserve more than three millitop top views in ns video. After that, in 2017, ns Game joined 2Hype, i beg your pardon is a team focused around the NBA.

Since Zack is one electrical engineer by profession, that travel a lot, i m sorry acquired him the name the ns traveling gamer. He has likewise endorsed brand favor Nike and also residence of hoops.

any type of Girlfriend?

Zack Mowley ins in a committed relationship via his girlfriend, Jade. The pair has been Together for end a year and is smitten in love.

Mowley and Jade occasionally write-up images that each various other ~ above their society media handles. Lock are in a genuine partnership but are not planning marriPeriod or kids.

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Acomponent from Zack, Mowley has actually no revealed any type of other relationship. We to be maintaining tabs top top ns gamer and also will keep you updated.

list of Facts

His favorite snack ins nachons and nachos, alongside ns chipotle dip. Zack shares hins apartmenns through hins friends, Krins and also Jesse. Both of his friend to be YouTubers.he acquired 100 thousand youtube subscribers in only ten months.that has a pens dog, that is regularly featured in hins videos.Zack has represented ns Dalras Cowboys, an American footround team, together your quarterback.

Tabular Bio/Wiki

Quick Info
genuine NameZack Mowley
Nick NameZackttg
Age32 year old
date of BirthJanuary 19, 1989
family members NameMowley
place that OriginOhio, unified States
bear SignCapricorn
Fluently SpeaksEnglish
Ethnicitywill certainly Update
Profession(s)Twitch Streamer, Youtuber
family Details
Momname no Mentioned
High SchoolChino Hills High School
UniversityUnder Research
scholastic QualificationUnknown
physical Stats
height in Feet6 feet 1 inches
weight in Kg85 kg
elevation in Meter1.85 m
weight in Lbs407 lbns
shoe size (US)11
Tattoo(s)Under Review
Measurementwill Update
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Marital StatusUnmarried
Son(s)no Applicable
Media PresenceYoutube, Instagram, Twitter