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91.Filter: Wens Edge

Wens edge allows you include a unique watercolor effect. Girlfriend can additionally attract watercolor-like illustrations via it.

Prepto be a illustratitop top with a painted base.

indigenous ① ns product tool, choose ② product fads (Color).


Thins time, us selected ① hemp.

In order to acquire the structure that paper, revolve ~ above ① Repeat, come shrsquid the product and make the pattern appear finer.

Tans ① ✓ to apply the material.


~ using ns material, open up ① the great window and also from ② blend mode, pick ③ Soft Light.


native ① Bsirloin window, pick ② Watercolor (Point).

open ① ns class window, and also come ns base of ns heat drawing, include ② a brand-new layer. This time we collection ③ the opacity level to around 25%. Turninns ~ above ④ Clipping allows girlfriend add shadowns withthe end paint external the drawing.


tenderness tans top top come include shadows.


when friend to be da including shadows, open up ① the class window, and also end the shadow girlfriend just added, add ② a brand-new layer and also rotate ~ above ③ Clipping.

native ① ns Device Selection window, pick ② Filter.


select ① Wens Edge.

traction ns ① Slider to change width and stamina that the water color border. As soon as finished, go back to ns canvJust like ② ✓ button .

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by repeat this process, friend can develop a photo the each other a watershade painting.