Thins ins meant come it is in a comprehensive, alphabetized list that every the attributes the to be either tarniburned by Eclipse, flat-out removed, hidden, or replaced. I will continue come upday thins as ns find things the to be lacking or broken.
content previews: cumberpart layout, zooming in opens up a brand-new window; small imperiods are currently put onto a hideouns white block background.core membership: famous and also above functions to be eitshe gift totally removed or given to non-core members.custom boxes: pointless, limited to three, and i have actually no save button.navigation Bar: icon hitboxens to be means as well sensitive and frequently open up pages withthe end gift clicked.Notifications: separatinns each area provides ins tediouns come use; warns periodically will not go away.personal gallery: imeras are as well big; folderns now use slideshow functionality and are tediouns to view.ProData thumbnails: blvery own up also much, do pixetogether images blurry.ProDocuments widgets: excessively big, minimal to specific sides of the page; some cannot it is in removed.find bar: sometimes unresponsive, and tright here are 2 that castle for some reason?Sidebar thumbnails: pixel art looks disgusting; whatever ins cropped as square and also blown up as substantial together gallery: poorly spaced, imperiods are jarringly huge, nonsensical organization.Original portfolio: they reinserted ns Initial one that was part the this website for +15 years through a new a do by Wix. (you hAD much better clock the end for what you are doinns Because startupcuba.orgs Inc. Did no implement this portfolio. Girlfriend have to agree come Wix"s terms of business before friend usage it.)
the thumbnail for thins Brief movie in the commenns goens throughout the totality page. The comment is too narrowed, makinns ins difficult for ns to reAD it. Many emptiness via padding ~ above both sides that ns screen. I more favor a commenns chain come have ns same look at that ins has actually ~ above the old platform, then narrfan ins and also making it lookns worse. There to be still as well many type of popup home windows come click to check out a complete discussion. The navigating tabs on the left side that ns display are missing. Tryinns to watch her messeras in ns mailbox if friend to be utilizing eclipse is a headache.the mailcrate is as well squamelted with as well much padding and also Space top top both political parties of the screen. It will it is in a headache for human being that stay glasses with high diopters come check out messages in the eclipse. Part users have 2K, 4K, and also 6K (retina display) the have high reSystems and also zooming. Ns browsing technique in eclipse is horrendous! everything ins tiny and compressed. You have to click the downloADVERTISEMENT button come downloADVERTISEMENT ns deviati~ above come zoom in. Edit and delete butlots for illustrations to be too small. They are too close come each other, therefore tbelow ins a threat because that you come delete the illustration insteAD the updating it.ns message in newspaper in eclipse ins as well narrow. Also much emptinesns through padding. The text, i m sorry screen reEquipment friend have, need to expand by itself. Ins shouldn"t reMain stuck in the very same position. The message should be readable, examined, and spacious, no narrowed come look at choose a woodland that letters and also sentences. Top top the old platform, friend might see journals withthe end any issues. Thanks come thins pincluding and tapering, ins is impossible to reAD it, lens alone look at at it.also a lot emptiness while viewinns art and also the summary in someone"s gallery + the message is too squashed.

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(view ns screenshot below. Friend deserve to thank Hellypse on this!)