Dauntless ins ns brand also new, free-to-play, monster hunting Game developed by Phoenix Labs. Here’s how to adjust her personality figure in Dauntless.

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how to adjust appearance in Dauntless

at ns start that ns game, you’ll be offered ns chance come customize your character by picking a gender, then selecting their hairFormat and also face features. However, if you readjust her mind about Several of ns customizati~ above options, friend deserve to still make alters later on on.

as soon as you’re in ns Game proper, look at because that ns mirror in the tvery own square in Ramsgate. Go come the mirror, interact through it, and also you’ltogether have the ability to customize your character and also adjust their illustration come whatever you’d prefer.


the nice cream point around personality customizati~ above in Dauntless ins the girlfriend can even adjust your character’ns gender, and also basically recreate castle native scratch almost everywhere again.

You’re not just restricted to hairformats and also colors, therefore friend don’t have to problem also much about being locked into your character’s appearance at the start the ns game.

transforming appearance doesn’ns it seems to be ~ to expense anypoint either, therefore friend have the right to execute this as many type of time together you’d like.

character Armor and Weapons

that course, changing her character’s illustration isn’t strictly limited come just changing their hair, gender, and also face attributes either. If you acquire new weapons or armor sets, this deserve to likewise it is in fitted to customize ns way her character looks.

Armor have the right to it is in make in the town, however perform Note the you’ll need monster and Behemoth components come perform this. Ns finest way to get monster parts in Dauntmuch less is, that course, come hunns Behemothns and execute patrolns whenever girlfriend can.

Patrols will likewise reward girlfriend through Orbs, a source that’s also compelled because that weap~ above and armor upgrades, in addition to crafting.

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That’s every friend should know around just how come adjust figure in Dauntless. For even more tips, tricks, and also guides, it is in certain come check out our Dauntmuch less guide wiki, or inspect out A few of ours Most renowned travel guide dvery own below.