If you"re coming come thins aid post through the Question "deserve to you change your name in Stardew Valley?" in mind, i thoctopus the answer would certainly be dependent on what you"re actually asking.

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come clarify, if girlfriend are wondering whetshe Stardew valley has a built-in function to adjust your name - ns answer is no, ins doesn"t (in ~ leastern ideal now, in 2018). If you"re looking to change her name in Stardew Valley, yet don"t psychic doinns for this reason by altering your save records manually, climate the prize ins yens - it ins possible!

the only Catch is the thins only works for home windows and also Mac - if friend want to adjust your surname ~ above Nintenperform Switch, Xcrate one or PS4, in ~ ns minute the isn"t possible. But, if you"re looking to readjust her surname because that the purpose the spawning in items, there to be other methods friend deserve to use come cwarmth itemns right into the Game - check out ours spawninns items overview instead!

First, do certain your Stardew valley Video Game is closed. You"re then going to desire to navidoor to wbelow her save documents to be stored:

top top Windows, they"re located in %AppData%, friend can carry out thins by opened up one traveler window one typing %AppData% in the deal with bar (shown below).

~ above Mac, you will should visit "/Users//.config/". Girlfriend may have to allow covert records to accessibility thins folder, come carry out this, push COMMand also + Shift + . Within your Finder window.

You"ltogether then desire come navigate come ns "StardewValley" fenlarge and then go to the "Saves" folder, this is the exact same on both Mac and Windows.

If you"re having actually problem accessong this folderns on windows or Mac, friend have the right to uncover more detailed aid because that locating your Stardew sink save area in ~ https://savelocation.net/stardew-valley.

after entering ns saves folder, Go into ns flarger that is named ~ the personality girlfriend want to modify ns surname of, adhered to by a bunch of numbers. In the listed below example, us are transforming ns surname of a character that ins At this time dubbed "JohnDoe":

open up ns File that is called "SaveGameInfo" (through NotepADVERTISEMENT or your wanted message editor) and also usage CTRtogether + F or COMMand also + F come find because that ns name that her character. Girlfriend need to uncover ns name that your character in in between and also like so:


Simply adjust the surname to whatever name girlfriend desire and save ns Data and you"re done. Ns following time friend open up up the Game and loAD her save, your name will certainly be changed.

If the old surname ins still reflecting in ns conserves menu (but not in-game), friend will should readjust the surname of the folder the SaveGameinfo Data ins stored within.

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