Superimposong explains the processof overlaying and combine a lot of images. Videotape clips are completelyopaque by default, however superimposong castle needs transparency.once you make clipns ~ above top video tape monitor transparent, castle revealclips top top ns monitor below.

In Premiere Elements, girlfriend deserve to quickly and easily makewhole clipns transparent by using ns Opacity effect. In addition,girlfriend have the right to apply any combination the opacity, masks, mattes, and keying tomodify a file’s alpha channel, i m sorry defines the transparentlocations in a clip. Even more advanced keying results let you do specificcolorns or forms transparent.

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A channelthe defines transparent areas because that a clip. This inclearly shows channelexist in addition come the visible Red, Blue, and Environment-friendly (RGB) shade channels.

A settingthat determines just how opaque or transparent a clins is. (because that example,75% opacity equates to 25% transparency.)

Lowerinns opacity the upper video tape clins (left) revealns lowervideo tape clins (center), combine ns 2 imeras (right)

sometimes provided together an additional native foralpha channel; also describes ns process the modifying an alphachannel.


be separated Red, Green, and also Blue shade channels (left); thealpha channetogether or masking (center), and also every networks perceived together (right)

a record orchannel the defines the transparent locations that a clip. The matte determinesthe level of transparency in ns result image. In Premiere Elements, girlfriend use mattens in conjunctionvia the track Matte Key.

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Definingtransparent locations through a details color (shade key)or brightnesns worth (luminance key). Pixelns matchingthe key end up being transparent. Keying is typically offered come relocation aunicreate background, together as a blue screen, with another image. (InTV, for example, blue displays behind weatshe reporterns are replacedwith weatshe maps.) ns Videounify result uses keyinns to automaticallyspecify ns major backgring shade together transparent.