Proposed major Standing for first Year Students

First-time freshguys Go into the Baskin college the design as "proposed majors" before acquisition ns steps come declare one engineering major.

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In enhancement come gift a promake major, studentns will accomplish ns major qualificati~ above requirements because that their intended significant prior to proclaiming their major.

Students to be required to declare a significant through the major statements deadline in your sixth quarter.

please Keep in mind the not all of ns process indigenous the proposed significant plan list (at ns bottom that this page) are forced because that eexceptionally school of engineering major. Refer to her intfinished curriculum charts for even more information.

If you are interested in having actually her promake non-Baskin engineering major adjusted to a Baskin design major, please submit your repursuit top top our readjust the Promake significant form.


Wcap ins a Prodo Major?

being in proposed engineering significant condition allows students come access advising, get pertinenns communication, and also obtain access come enrolling in some required major courses.

In bespeak to it is in eligible to explain a institution the design major, studentns have to it is in listed together a prodo significant in one of ns following:

Biomolecule design and Bioinformaticscomputer Engineeringcomputer Science: computer Video Game Designcomputer system scientific research (B.A. Or B.S.)*electrical EngineeringRoboticsinnovation and also Indevelopment Management**

Students pursuing used Mathematics, Biotechnology, or Netjob-related and also Digital modern technology are not required to it is in proposed in thins major in stimulate to explain as such.

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* join to ns computer system scientific research majors (B.A. And B.S.) is selective. Ns computer system science majorns in ~ UCSC are impacted and also in bespeak to go after either that this majors, studentns have to have actually been admitted come UCSC together a promake computer system scientific research Major. Studentns not admitted as prodo computer system science will certainly not be able to pursue either the this majors.

** Studentns who desire come keep your promake standing as the your 4th 4 minutes 1 have to happen math 19A or 20A, and also 2 extra Baskin engineering process indigenous ns complying with list wislim ns first 3 quarters:

CHEM 1A - basic ChemistryCHEM 1B - general ChemistryCSE 12 - computer system Equipment & Assembly LanguageCSE 13E - installed Solution and also C ProgrammingCSE 13s - computer Equipment and also C ProgrammingCSE 16 - applied Discrete MathCSE 30 - Programming Abstractions: PythonTim 50 - company Indevelopment SystemsTim 58 - Systems analysis and Designmath 19B - Calculusmath 20B - Honorns CalculusPHYs 5A - Intro come Physicns IPHYns 5C - Intro come Physics III