Hello everyone ns goinns to tevery friend just how to clone pokemons! ns hope friend choose it, ns functioned hard on it.

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DISCLAIMER make certain you know wcap girlfriend to be doing, ns am no responsible for corrupted saves, shed conserve data, corrupted SD map Materials or bans top top pokemon bank. You are responsible for your actions and it is your responsibility come understand, follow instruction and also know the rules of every area girlfriend profession in.

first the girlfriend will certainly need:

• a placed variation the your game.

• accessibility come another copy that the Game you deserve to profession via (or a friend through ns game).

• accessibility come an individual computer

• (optional) Pokemtop top bank, if girlfriend nothing have actually accessibility come one more copy that the game.

using the Trading Method:

☺1. Top top your computer best click all over ~ above one north Void that your desktop and also pick ns choice called “new” and also select folder.

☺2. Create 2 folders and also surname them whatever before girlfriend want, because that this tutorial lets name castle SD_card & SD_BACKUP.

☺3. Insert her 3DS’s SD map in come ns COMPUTER and copy all of itns Materials to DS_Back-up flarger (may take it much longer depending on her SD card).

☺4. Currently copy only the flarger called “Nintenperform 3DS” to the SD_map folder.

☺5. Choose ns pokemon(s) girlfriend want to clone and trade ins (through frifinish or self).

☺6. Currently inserns her 3DS’s SD map ago come the PC, go come ns SD_map folder and copy the “Nintendo 3DS” folder earlier to ns your 3DS’s SD map and also select ns “Relocation documents in destination” alternative (this takens time).

☺7. Now go come her Video Game and also trade back the pokemon (tell your frifinish to offer it back), you have 2 the the very same pokemtop top now!

☺8. (Optional) repein ~ action 3 come 7 and currently you have 4 the the exact same pokemon!


much better SD Cardns offer much better transport speed between ns COMPUTER and also ns SD card, SDXC cards and cards larger than 32 GB to be not compatible with ns Nintenexecute 3DS.

utilizing ns Pokemon financial institution Method:

Warning ns users Agreement on ns Pokemon financial institution is subject come transforms and also deserve to perhaps reason a half the ns organization if you are not mindful that a change prohibitinns pokemonns containinns the exact indevelopment or values.

NOTE: as that currently cloned pokemons nothing cause a ban on the pokem~ above bank Because a copy pokemons to be not technicallied hacked (modified or developed making use of a program) unmuch less it’ns a clamong a hacked pokemon.

☺1. ~ above her computer system appropriate click almost everywhere on an north Gap that her desktop and also pick the alternative referred to as “new” and pick folder.

☺2. Develop 2 folderns and name them whatever friend want, because that this tutorial allows surname castle SD_map & SD_BACKUP.

☺3. Insert her 3DS’s SD map in come the COMPUTER and also copy every one of itns Materials come DS_Back-up flarger (might take longer depending on her SD card).

☺4. Now copy just ns folder called “Nintencarry out 3DS” to ns SD_card folder.

☺5. Go come ns pokem~ above bank and save ns pokemon(s) you desire come clone.

☺6. Now inserns your 3DS’s SD card ago come the PC, walk to ns SD_map flarger and also copy ns “Nintenexecute 3DS” fenlarge back come the your 3DS’s SD map and pick the “Relocation documents in destination” alternative (this takens time).

☺7. Walk come pokemon bank and and view the her pokemtop top ins tright here and also in her box.

In situation the Failure/Corruption Delete all the Contents that your SD map and replace lock with ns folders within SD_Back-up folder climate everything will certainly go earlier come normal.


• girlfriend have the right to use any type of cloning technique come gain Zygarde come 100%.

• This cloning techniques job-related top top any kind of pokem~ above Video Game installed in her 3Ds no just sunlight & moon.

• her SD_Backup folder deserve to assist friend out once girlfriend get a trade ban for link error.

• girlfriend have the right to cla your itemns (trade strategy only) choose ns global difficulty megastones and share lock with your friends!

for those of friend who to be a little more technology savvy:

i don’t move ns documents indigenous my SD card to the COMPUTER and also vise versa manually, ns usage batch files to perform ins instantly via a single click, ns used the xcopy command, if any type of of friend are interested in finding out just how come make them i have the right to teach you, however i skipping the part from ns tutorial Because ins calls for fundamental command prompt understanding and also would certainly do this tutorial too long and also complex.

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• sorry for ns bADVERTISEMENT quality Imperiods (i used mine pha come take ns picures) If girlfriend have any inquiries questioning in a commenns and I’ltogether assist you out, also click ns blue words to get an image the what is described top top the step.