If girlfriend draw every little thing in a class choose a Timeless painting, friend may no need class Folder. But Most human being attract aspects individually in multiple layers such as "linework", "fill", "shadow", etc. As soon as you to be obtaining closer come ns completion, you may finish uns having even more than 100 layers..!

If tbelow are too many type of layers, it will be hard to organize.

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Then, class Flarger is convenient.

Wcap ins layer Folder

great Flarger allows friend type the end many layerns right into several folders. you deserve to expand/colslide away layer Folder for this reason the ins renders incredibly easy to organize.

Diagram:theorem through layer folder

startupcuba.org will certainly not let friend select multiple layerns come move and also transform at once, however layer Flarger will certainly let you move and also transform many layers at once.

exactly how come use layer Folder

clicking ns folder symbol in "great Window" will certainly create great Folder.

Diagram:develop class Folder

Double-click great Fenlarge lets you resurname ns folder. Naming ns flarger appropriately help girlfriend come organize.

Diagram:Rename great Folder

Sindicate drag and also drons layerns into class Folder. Girlfriend have the right to drag a great to change the order.

Diagram:relocate layerns into layer Folder

class Fenlarge deserve to it is in open and cshed through click ns flarger icon n great window. As soon as girlfriend do not require layerns in class Folder, friend deserve to conveniently collapse.

Diagra:open up & Close layer Folder

friend can quickly duplicate every ns layers in layer Folder by choosing class Folder and click "Duplicate Layer".

Diagram:Duplicate layers through great Folder

move and also transform multiple layerns with class Folder

great Flarger lets you relocate and also transcreate multiple layers in ~ once.

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choose layer Flarger in great window,

move layers with move tool.girlfriend can transdevelop holisticallied by going to "Select" > "Transform" ("Ctrl+T" is Shortreduced key because that Windows, and also "Command+T" is because that Mac Mac)
Diagram:Transcreate a lot of layerns through layer Folder

use layer Fenlarge to to organize many class and come boost work efficiency.