If girlfriend usage Chegg.com, you most likely recognize that message schoice and copy/dough usability is disabled on homejob-related solutions.

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here ins a snippens the obfuscated Javamanuscript that you have the right to use to extract message content from remedies (Keep in mind that ns text below ins a yes, really long line, ns recommend double-clicking the text come select-all):

var _0xebf4=<"x2Ex61x6Ex73x77x65x72x20x3Ex20x70","","x74x65x78x74x43x6Fx6Ex74x65x6Ex74","x0A","x65x61x63x68","x54x6Fx20x63x6Fx70x79x3Ax20x43x74x72x6Cx2Bx43x2Cx20x74x68x65x6Ex20x45x6Ex74x65x72","x70x72x6Fx6Dx70x74">;var v9ph=$(_0xebf4<0>);var k7yf=_0xebf4<1>;v9ph<_0xebf4<4>>(function(_0xd6d1x3,_0xd6d1x4)k7yf+=_0xd6d1x4<_0xebf4<2>>+_0xebf4<3>);window<_0xebf4<6>>(_0xebf4<5>,k7yf)friend can use this code in one of two ways. If one means doesn’ns work, attempt ns various other method:

by means of the attend to bar

Copy and paste the password over into your attend to bar. Do no use “paste and also go” and also carry out not push Go into yet. In ns resolve bar, include “javascript:” (without the quotes) in ~ the start of ns line, together the ins reads “javascript:var _0x7c2c…” push enter. A prompt should show up via ns extract contents. Use Control+C come copy, and Get in to close it.

by means of ns developer console

open her browser’s development devices (thins will vary across browsers, execute a Internet find for “just how come open up developer tools” if girlfriend are uncertain how come execute this.).

find ns “console” tAb and open it. Copy and also paste the password into the console. Press enter. A prompns have to appear together explained above.

Note: ns above methods operated for ns in Chrons and also Firefox top top windows 8. If friend have any problem in Firefox through thins method, attempt using the Firebug add-on. Ns have actually not tested any type of various other environments, however ns see no reason why it shouldn’ns work. Commenns below if friend have any kind of issues.

Keep in mind #2: this password only extractns Plain text content. If the answer is provided together a image, ns prompt might no contain any kind of text. Unfortunately, tright here is no Solution because that extracting text indigenous Chegns images, together this is a much more facility problem come solve. You deserve to still use images, however: view below.

obtaining images

If girlfriend desire come usage a photo native a solution, simply click (and hold) and drag the imPeriod come the optimal that your web browser wright here ns tabns are. You should see a plus-sign (+) appear close to her cursor. Release the computer mouse button. A new tAbdominal need to open with the image, which girlfriend deserve to then conserve to her computer. If you drag ns imAge come the URl address bar, ins will certainly open up the imAge in your present tab, which might not be what friend want.

Note: Again, i only tested this on Google Chrons in windows 8. No guarantee the it’ltogether work-related in various other environments, yet i don’t watch any kind of reason why ins shouldn’t.

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Why Obfuscate?

excellent question. A have to always be cautious as soon as to run script offered by others (check out this). Ns desired not to expose ns code, therefore the it’ltogether (hopefully) have actually a longer shelf life.