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float over her proFile and also select Accounting settings indigenous the dropdvery own menu. If you no discover her profile, click the 3 horizontal lines in ~ ns peak best corner and choose Accounting settings.

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Scrole dvery own to the bottom that ns pAge and click on Delete Account.
A confirmation popup appears, click on Delete mine Account.

just how to Delete GoFundme Charity Account

GoFundns no permit friend to close her account completely. However, friend deserve to deactivate donations and rerelocate castle native search results. If girlfriend to be an admin of ns charity proFile or one authorized representative of ns charity, you deserve to contact the GoFundme assistance team and also repursuit because that account deactivation. 

generally request questions ( frequently asked questions ) around GoFundMe

exactly how lengthy doens a GoFundme campaign stay active?

A: her GoFundns project deserve to be active for together lengthy together you want or need. There to be no deadlinens either. Friend have the right to still obtain donations even ~ ns score has been achieved. GoFundns also doesn’t have a cans ~ above ns total amountain donated come a campaign.however if her campaign has actually no activity in 365 dayns ( or a year ), itns status will be adjusted come Inactive.

What if i nothing have actually a bank accounting because that GoFundMe?

A: If friend do not accomplish the demands because that any type of that GoFundMe’s sustained countries or do no have a precious bank account, execute no create a fundraiser. Instead, friend can ask someone that meets the requirements come produce one for you. If friend create a fundraiser and canno withattract the funds, all docountries will be refunded.

What happen come GoFundme money if the score no reached?

A: reaching her score is not required top top a GoFundns campaign. With GoFundMe, you get come store every and eexceptionally docountry friend obtain native her supporters. Her project will certainly be able to expropriate donations also ~ her goal ins reached.

Wcap happens come unprovided GoFundns money?

A: If it is found that something no best or ns money has actually remained unused, GoFundme will remoney your donations come its supporters. If funds aren’t yielded come ns ideal person, GoFundns will certainly donate the missing amountain come charity.

Does GoFundme fee to withdraw?

A: GoFundns chargens a handling dues of 2.9 % indigenous the total amount of donation got and also 30 cent indigenous eincredibly donation made. This complete amount will it is in deducted native her account before you withattract your amount.

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just how perform ns sheight a donation on GoFundMe?

A: after friend have actually signed right into her account, choose ns menu through her initials in ~ the height right, climate choose Accounting > Recurrinns Gifns Plans. Or girlfriend can go directly to this link. Then, pick ns pencil modify icon come ns best of the donation, select Cancel plan, and Save.

how carry out ns obtain mine surname turn off of GoFundMe?

A: GoFundme fundraisers canno be cotton for transparency reasons, therefore you cannot completely rerelocate her name from a donation. But girlfriend can select to change her surname by following the instructions below.step 1: sign in to GoFundns utilizing her email address and also passwordaction 2: select her name in ~ ns height best the her display screen (if you’re ~ above the GoFundme app, tap your initialns in the height ideal edge instead)step 3: select Account settings from the drop-dvery own menustep 4: change your name and click save Changes in ~ the bottom of ns screen