the slto be dunk ins that exclamati~ above point that putns a tiny somepoint extra on those two-point basketns in basketball. In NBA 2K21 dunking, gamerns have a number of choices at your disposal for thrfan ins down. Those encompass two-handed, dominant, off-hand, and also flaawkward dunks. In thins guide we’ltogether display girlfriend how to dunk it in 2K21.

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NBA 2K21 dunking: how come carry out a two-hand also or one-hand also dunk

As with in ns NBA 2K20 game, you’ltogether should be driving down the roadway withthe end a player guardinns friend also heavily. If it’s possible to be challenged and also attain NBA 2K21 dunking, it functions greatly for football player moving Rapid right into a open lane to the basket. Obviously, ins requirements to be a player who can perform an NBA Slto be Dunk too.


come percreate a two-hand dunk in NBA 2K21:

press R2 ~ above PS4 controller (RB) top top Xcrate a as you’re moving.push ns right Stick uns ~ above PS4/Xcrate a controller together driving in close.

friend have the right to also perform a one-hand also dunk via eitshe her player’ns leading or off-hand. You’ltogether have to it is in moving in close selection come ns baskens equivalent to the two-hand dunk.

come perdevelop a one-hand also dunk:

push R2 top top PS4 controller and move towards the basket.organize the best Smite up to ns left or ideal if in cshed range.

Note: the directitop top friend select ~ above ns appropriate Stick (left or right) determines i beg your pardon hand your player will certainly dunk with.

how to perdevelop flashy dunks in 2K21

therefore you want come add some razzle-dazzle and also showwatercraft via a flashier dunk? That’ns feasible too in the NBA 2K21 dunking. Via players favor Zion Williamson, Donovan Mitchell, Aar~ above Gordon, Zach LaVine, and also othair may be come pull off innovative aeriatogether strikes top top the hoop, why not take advantage?

Zion through a flaawkward a hand also jto be #NBA2K21

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push and also hold R2 together you’re relocating in the direction of the basket. Organize ns ideal Stick down together you’re in close range.relax the ideal Stick come finish the flashy dunk.

save in mind, some football player will certainly have a lons even more to use as soon as it concerns flaawkward dunks. Because of this don’t intend a ton that flaembarrassy ingredient native particular players together lock ssuggest may no have actually ns arsenatogether others do.

additionally the note, football player who to be can not come dunk will ssuggest execute a layup as soon as you effort to dunk via them.

just how come do a putfinancial institution dunk in NBA 2K21

us should point out a other type the dunk that ins reasonably easy come do. A putback dunk is an option in NBA 2K21 i beg your pardon you’ltogether desire to Discover together well. Thins requires soaring with the wait for a rebound and also dunkinns ns sphere in for the score.

to perdevelop a putbank dunk:

walk because that ns offensive rebound after ~ a missed shot top top the Square switch ~ above PS4 controller as girlfriend attempt a rebound.your pgreat should grAbdominal muscle the round and dunk it in unless contested.

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friend can practice dunks through going into ns NBA 2K21’s 2KU mode. It provides miscellaneous exercise scenarios to ha your skills. Visit our NBA 2K pPeriod come acquire more of ns recent Game updates.