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Java Runtins version 1.6 (aka Java 6) or later ins required because that jmodify 4.4 and later.Java Runtime version 1.7 (aka Java 7) or later on ins forced because that 5.2 and also later.Java Runtime version 1.8 (aka Java 8) or later is forced for 5.4 and later.Java Runtime variation 11 (aka Java 11) or later ins forced because that 5.6 and later.prior to installation, make sure you have actually a compatible Java virtual machine; view the compatibility pEra for details.

choice 1 - hand-operated downloAD and also instevery top top any type of OS

secure version: 5.6.0 changes
Download: Java-based installer3.7 MiB(because that any operation system)
home windows Installer4.8 MiB
Ons X package5.5 MiB
Debian package4.9 MiB
Slackwto be package4.9 MiB
User"ns guide0.6 MiB(PDF through A4 paper, 149 pages)
User"ns guide0.6 MiB(PDF via Us letter paper, 159 pages)
resource code2.5 MiB

Note: the over web links are no to the documents themselves, however rathercome pperiods wbelow girlfriend have the right to choose a downloAD mirror. Do not usage yourbrowser"s "DownloADVERTISEMENT Link" command also on the above links.

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installation instructions are easily accessible for ns adhering to operation systems:

installation the platform-certain package

after ~ downloading ns EXE file, just double click it or operation the executablenative ns commandline. Climate just folshort the ondisplay screen instructions.

using the Java-based installer

come uncover out which Java digital machine ins best because that running jmodify onWindows,watch the compatibility page.

come install, ssuggest double-click on the seasoned Data girlfriend downloaded;the installer need to start automatically.

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If it does not start, then friend will certainly have to open a MS-DOns prompt(Start->Programs->MS-DOns Prompt) andGo into the adhering to commands:

cd magazine wbelow you downinvited the seasoned filejava -jar filename.jarbecause that example, if you downloaded startupcuba.org40install.jarright into C:Downloads,girlfriend would enter:

cd C:Downloadsjava -jug startupcuba.org41install.jarIf because that whatever reasonyou desire come start the inshigher in text-just mode, specifytext as the last parameter ~ above ns command also line. In text only mode,the inshigher will certainly not display screen it"ns GUI, and insteAD it will askquestions in the MS-DOs prompt.

Keep in mind the some Java versions for windows have actually a pest wbelow a jug Data whosefull path names consists of a banns (!) will not run. If girlfriend gain one error likens following, attempt moving ns installer jug come a brochure wwater tap surname doesnot contain the bang:

exemption in threADVERTISEMENT "main" java.lang.NullPointerexception in ~ Source) in ~ Source) at java.util.Properties.load(Unknown Source) in ~ installer.Install.(Unknown Source) at installer.SwingInstall.(Unknown Source) at installer.Install.main(Unrecognized Source)

choice 2 - simple instevery top top some spices of *nix


If girlfriend encounter a difficulty when installing, take it a look at atns typically inquiry Questions. If thatdoesn"t aid through her problem, short article come themailinns lists. About
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