Traditionallied watercolors are framed under glass. That is todefend ns paevery and also store ns paintns native gaining wet. A matns is provided so thatns paevery doens no in reality touch the glass. A backinns board ins behind the artworkto assist flatten ins and it ins every sandwichead into the frame. A dust cover orice cream is provided on ns ago to protect against dusns and also other pshort articles indigenous sneakinns betweenns glasns and ns painting. It ins more difficult to framework Contrasted come speak anoil which just needs come it is in secured to a frame.

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Watershade frame sandwich

however glasns putns off a glare. Ntop top glto be glasns dampen ns brightnessthat the colors. Glasns have the right to break. (ns hAD ns glass ~ above one of my framed piecesbreak in ~ arts fair ~ above the Squto be critical summer so did one of the various other artists.) Somegalleriens execute no desire glasns framed items for thins reason. Plexigras ins a alternativebut ins is even more expensi have come obtain top quality plexi. And ins deserve to scratch.

therefore ns have actually to be functioning on a variety of watercolor paintingswright here i perform not have to structure under glass.

ns Most “direct” way to do thins is to Repaint on paper andclimate adhesive the paevery come a heavy surconfront such together a wood board. Come reducinns thepossibility the the lumber buckling, these panels to be often cradled i beg your pardon suggests theboard ins attachead ~ above height the a crate or frame. Yet it can be tough come obtain ns paintingattached squarely. Climate you have to trim it up to the edge the the wood.

crib board indigenous behind

you have the right to additionally to buy paevery already attached come board.

via any wood, girlfriend may stiltogether must trein ~ ns ago surface.Tbelow can stiltogether it is in warpinns and also cracking if wens product ins just applied come oneside of the porouns surface.

ns concept through using a hard surchallenge is then friend deserve to thenconveniently varnish. The varnish will safeguard ns paper and also solve ns Repaint in placeand also glasns will no much longer be needed. Varnish ~ above paevery withthe end ns solid backinns willunmost likely it is in flat. (through the Classic method, the “sandwich” presses thepaper flat.)

Tbelow is also speciallied all set canvas the will certainly acceptwatercolor. Ins ins somewhat slicker 보다 paper in the Paint will lifns turn off moreeasily. The is, including Paint might “erase” or lighten what friend have already putdown. So a various even more cautious technique ins required.

Tright here ins a product called watershade gring i beg your pardon looks likea Repaint the can it is in used straight to wood and also other surfaces. Ns usage twocoatns of gestherefore (heavy white acrylic paint) and also climate 3 coats that watershade ground.Thins ground absorbns the watercolor somewhat. It likewise might lifns accidentally andBecause you apply ns gring through a brush friend get an unalso grooves ~ above ns blanksurface. I thsquid this deserve to add part interemainder to the paint therefore i to be notbothered by it. I Most recently have actually been using this ~ above aluminum panels whichdo no have the cracking or warping troubles the hardwood may have.

ns fixati have can be varnish or wax medium. If making use of varnish,a spbeam varnish come supplied initially no to harass the painting. Once thins ins dry, aeven more Classic clean varnish can it is in applied through brush, normally 2 or morecoats.

Cold wax tool is do native bees wax and also solvents. Thebrand i use is odorless and unprefer the varnish girlfriend do not have to worry aboutfumes. Girlfriend deserve to obstacle thins wax right oncome a watershade withthe end ns Repaint liftingor smearing. 2 coats the wax deserve to do the job. Ns discover the ns wax changes theappearance the the colors much less 보다 ns varnish does.

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look at Ma! No Glass!

any type of that ns techniques producens a watershade that have the right to be popped directlyinto a frame without matting, glasns or backinns boards.

my preference at thins point is watercolor gring top top aluminum panel, sealed via wax. Thins ends up being even more expensi have 보다 paevery however ins easier come frame.

A cavein ~ is that many type of watershade competitions call for ns artwork come it is in ~ above paper. And also obviously girlfriend canno crop the painting however cut down its size. I to be functioning top top gift a better designer so the cropping is not needed. Periodically civilization canno teltogether if that it ins watercolor if ins is not under glass and also matted. I nothing understand if this is a trouble or not.