i have been a fan the thins Video Game because that year and in ns previous have continued come be able to pplace ins whenever i have upgraded my PC. Wislim ns last year or therefore despite i have been unable to obtain ns Video Game come job-related on my windows 7 desktop computer (3yo Packard Bell). Both AOE1, climb the Rome and AOE2 kings will install yet fail to open as soon as installed. Ns have the right to however run the Game sucessfully ~ above one old Xp desktop computer (Compaq), albeins via graphics issues.i have make the efforts to run the Games in compatability Setting because that Vista Xns one even 98 come no avail. What can be wrong? has actually part upday or patch to the Ons or associated Solution do the Games not compatible via mine system or is ns Video Game just too old because that A modern-day PC? any ideas? would certainly be nice to obtain it going aacquire and also no have to cave ~ above to one old PC simply to pput it.Thanks
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In compatibility options, have you do the efforts ns various other mite boxes? Several of castle can it is in advantageous in gaining enlarge Solution come run, it'ns worth trying with every that those.If the doesn't help, try disabling the Aero layout completely by convert to home windows basic temporarily, come check out if the helps together sometimes Aero deserve to cause difficulties with older games.

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ns switched the design template from aero to basic and both Games worked initially tins withthe end resorting come compatibilty modes. Does thins Average that i cant personlaise my desktop if ns want come operation ns games? would altering ns background/desktop computer wallpaevery chaos points up aobtain by taking ns appearance setting ns out that basic mode?a problem i have via running ns Games in windows 7 is the graphics i m sorry in AOE2 specifically are not as they must be. Are tright here any type of Additional Settings that can be adjusted come Put thins right?Thanks
ns switchead ns design template indigenous aero to fundamental and both Games functioned initially tins withthe end resorting come compatibilty modes. Doens this Typical the i i do not know personlaise mine desktop computer if i want to operation ns games? would certainly transforming ns background/desktop computer wallpaevery chaos things uns aacquire through taking ns appearance establishing s out that basic mode?
the wallpaevery can be adjusted withthe end droppinns earlier into Aero, simply don't change ns theme back. Girlfriend have the right to constantly conserve a tradition template because that Aero and also a because that Basic, and also move between lock easily. It'ns worth trying ns tickcrate under compatibility come dismaybe intuitive themes, that may likewise job-related without you having actually to walk come the basic theme.
one issue ns have actually with running the Games in home windows 7 ins ns graphicns i m sorry in AOE2 specifically are no as castle should be. Are tbelow any type of Additional Settings that deserve to be adjusted come Placed this right?
purchase Period the realms 2 HD?
seriously though, I'm uncertain Due to the fact that ns haven'ns played any type of the the AoE games, for this reason not just perform ns no know initially hand wcap they're supposed come look at like, ns additionally don't understand the any kind of specific workaring other than just Googling ins myself.

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Re: AOE palette bug-AOE1 and also AOE2 usage 8-little indexed colour palettes. What thins implies ins ins get's come pick 256 colour fro a larger set and also climate use those.ns problem ins that, via windows and 256 colours, 256 colour settings work-related by method the asking application what colour castle need. Application deserve to then speak to home windows "Well, ns would certainly favor this colours, but in ~ ns extremely least, ns require this ones" and also windows will certainly carry out it'ns ideal come preserve ns color board colour for all applications.AOE and AOE2, because that example, have your very own set the 256 colour that lock use because that everything. Normally, Because ins 'ns a full-screen, foreground application, thins has no issue, Due to the fact that nopoint else ins usually holdinns colours hostAge in the palette.home windows 7 (and also windows Vista as well) i believe, however, do. Tright here to be part color pension colour that home windows explorer (eg. Ns taskbar/begin food selection application) refuses come let walk of, i m sorry makes for weird magenta outlinens and bits the weird colours.the Equipment because that windows Vista and also 7 ins to death explorer.exe prior to girlfriend launch it. Ns personally usage a batch file:
taskdeath /f /im explorer.exe"C: egime papers (x86)Microsoft GamesEra of realms IIempires2.exe"echo push any kind of vital to restart explorer...pausebegin explorer.exeThins will kill explorer, begin the game, and also climate once girlfriend end up wait because that girlfriend come push an essential in the command window, and also climate rebegin explorer. This very same technique ins compelled because that Ideal visualns in many enlarge Gamings that use 256 colours modes. (Command also & overcome being just a various other example).