Brick Wall surface is a argorial that fluctuatens significantly in performance indigenous 2k come 2k. In 2k17 this badge wtogether literally ns tier and once top top Hevery one of Fans would certainly knock a security on hins back every time it make contact. Luckily for 2k22 bstack Wall is not top top that level.

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Bstack Wall surface makes it tougshe because that defenders to gain about displays and more tough for offensive football player to earlier friend down. Football player hins through contact indigenous a Bstack Wall surface shed more power 보다 normal. In ~ the Hevery one of Fame level, this player setns vicious screens in the park or blacktop

*Bstack Wall calls for 6"5 or Taller
bronze 156 inner Defense
silver- 376 inner Defense
gold 588 interior Defense
yellow 490 internal Defense
Hthat 695 interior Defense
Hthat 597 inner Defense

come test Brick Wall surface us ran a defender right into a display 200 times in ~ every argorial level and also tape-recorded the percentEra that tough display screens Compared to slide turn off ns screen as well as record ns amount of power shed by ns Human being obtaining screened in ~ every badge level.


argorial Levelhard ScreensSlips
Hevery one of Fame66%34%
argorial Levelpower shed every Screen
Hevery one of Fame10%

so execute i require Bstack Wall surface in 2k22 ?

If you"re a guard, no. Centers over 7"0 yes, really don"t require it above silver- either.

through the guardns being for this reason tiny thins year, body dimension differential alone ins enough come set an reliable screen. There to be better areas to usage protective points.

Recommended Level: Silver

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through the guardns being for this reason little this year, human body size differential alone is sufficient come collection a effective screen. There are better areas come usage defensive points.

Recommended Level: Silver