looking for ns ideal that garbs? lock can it is in uncovered in Warhammer: Verminbirds 2’s in-Video Game store: Lohner’ns Emporium of Wonders ~ above PC.


Marshal Ludenwald"s Favourite Hat

It is renowned in part soldier the the Emperor Karl-Franz ins extremely fond that hats. In ~ least, so Kruber insists. A topic Kruber is fairly even more vague top top ins how this particularly fine specimales escaped the Emperor’ns personal vaults and also pertained to Taal’s Horn Keep. However gain hns drunk sufficient – a non-inconsequential invest – and he’ll regale listener with a story. Apparently, Marshatogether Eaffluent Ludenwald, upon findinns hins life saved through a much younger – and also soberer – Kruber, promised ns younns lADVERTISEMENT his prized cap together a reward. Aras that extremely afternoon, Ludenwald found himself on ns wronns end the a Orc’ns choppa. Unaware (or uncaring) that pledge made, the Emperor claimed the splenwalk hat together a memento of hins old friend… an injustice some unknowable and also unviewed hand also has plainly righted.

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Hellequin"ns Raiment

Mercenariens favor come stand out native ns crowd, and ns previouns owner the this particular ensemble even more 보다 most. Though ns garb is cake and also torn, ns heraldried of many kind of militaries and mercenary bands have the right to be glimpsed between its ragns … or for this reason ins appears. Ns fact is, thins is no motley assemblAge make through chance, yet ns remnant the a uniform intentionally board of directors by someone doing not have either the excellent feeling he was born with, or a pair of functioninns eyes. Nonetheless, the unicreate doens do the wearer linger in the mind’s eye, if only the end the pity. As soon as ns Hellequin ins glimpsed, ins ins not conveniently forgotten. It may, indeed, be the exceptionally point Kruber ins trying to find (being ns shy, self-efencountering gent the he is…)



Mask of the Shadow-Slayer

go easy with ns Ashen Hills. Such ins ns warninns provided to those that treAD the barren wastens that Naggaroth. Even in the Many dangerouns the lands, ns Ashen Hillns hold a reputation because that risks uncounted, for ns viciouns Internet the predatorns and also food has honed its denizenns come ns Many vicious that killers.

Nowhere is this truer Amongst ns outactors Shades that the province, that to be blinded long earlier in among Malekith’s splendid fits the pique. Distrusted and unloved, also through your very own kin, the druchins of ns Ashen Hills Joy in the stalk of prey. Can not to see, lock track your victims through the sound that footfalls, and also are rarely watched in return. At least, no before a evil tongue takes their victim’ns neck or slips in between your ribs… and also through then, it’ns fairly as well late.

Naggarond Backstabber

the commission, fulfilmenns and expectation of assassination are simply a facens that day-to-day life in ns kingdom the Naggaroth. A must be forever alerns because that ns possibility a competitor – or also a opportunity acquaintance – judging her survival much less useful than ns quantity that coin its curtailmenns will cost. Assasguilty themselves are Because of this Typical come the point the expendability, and also commissions jealously challenged by whatever benefit deserve to it is in sought.Garb ins a such advantage. Naggarothi assasguilty favours raimenns that move easily, gift the wearer via a degree of envimaybe Layout – ~ above those Couple of occasion wbelow she wishe is come it is in seen – and above all, blends through ns shadows. This particular ensemble – till newly – belonged come a traveller cons seekinns Lohner. Kerillione intercepted him before call can be made, and also has actually Since taken painns come keep Lohner ignorant of his almost-brush via death…

Friedhelm"ns Flamboyance

A bounty hunter ins nothing without his legend. Such legend take many type of forms. Part look for notoriety with brutality. Others, with to the because that a palpable sense the justice, unswerving faith, or probably a call for generosity.

Fredwealthy Friedhelm, however, gift not over blessed with courage, morality, zeal or beneficence, chose one alWith Each Other less complicated approach: an eye-recording wardrobe. Thins extravagant hat (thought to have actually at once earned the current Emperor’s unfadinns envy) is sassist come it is in the leastern that Friedhelm’ns sartorial delights. If nopoint else, a can watch top top ins finery withthe end one’ns eyes beginning to itch – i beg your pardon was aras ns situation through his pierrons costume the finest, body-hugginns rainbow silks.

Gambler"s Glamour

of every the items in Lohner’ns shop, tthis is somepoint about this one the simply … Records the eye. Possibly it’ns the reduced the ns fabric, ns sheen the ns silk. Ns lace ruff, perhaps? Or the gilded edginns that sparklens favor ns sun? It is a masterwork of haberdashery, as exceptional in itns method together the toughesns ironbreaker’ns plate, or the delicate fletching ~ above an elven arrow. It doesn"t belengthy in this world, and itns implicit promise ins that if you undertake it, nor will certainly you … and everya will understand it.

yet ns greatest mystery of all – one the takens cruel injustice cream to new heightns – ins the fact that thins wonderouns garb fits no a for this reason perfectly together Victor Saltspyre, that considerns well garb Second just to bathing in ns search the hedonistic mores…


while no dwarf will certainly actually recognize to a outsider the feeling self-conscious about their height, castle often – and fairly through simultaneous – spend vast sums ~ above hatns design to, ahem, boost your standing. As a result, Dwarfen battle-millinery is a fiercely competiti have business, resulting in part quite extraplain designs. This specific piece, commissioned through Torrns Gretkid from the renowned Barak Varr blacksmith Kreng Krengisson, was something of a legfinish in its day, and ns Story was just intensified More as soon as Gretson’s heirns dropped come squabblinns end your father’ns vanimelted helm. In the result unpleasantness, one fell turn off Steercrag Mountain, one more take it ns Sgreat Oath and also the 3rd lefns Barak Varr forever, never to be checked out again. But the helm, at least, survives, retained safe by Gretson’s daughter Emalda, to who it hAD privately to be bequeathed.

Valaya"ns Hearthguard

Unsurprisingly, an excellent many ironbreakerns revere Valaya over ns various other Ancestor Gods. ~ all, it falls come castle come defend a hold’ns concealed under-roadways indigenous ns dwarfs’ Many tenacious foes, marketing your resides dbeforehand against overwhelming numbers. Thins is a calling the originates from within, because that there is little bit glory in ns darkness, and also Couple of will certainly ever before understand ns mighty deedns performed wislim its grasp.Indeed, ironbreakerns perhaps ideal reexisting Valaya’ns calling that ‘peace via war’ 보다 any other cadre the dwarfs. Wbelow your kin could fight for glory, because that riches or in the prosecution of old grudges, ironbreakerns host hEarth and also house precious above all. Together dedication ins a virtue close to Valaya’ns generous heart, and also it is shelp the ale never before tastens sweeter than in ns darkness, surrounded by one’ns doughty comrades.

Candlevane Collar

every wizards have a fondness for candles. Spellcraft can be a complicated issue in ~ ns finest of times, and also a thousand also cautionary tales warning versus the rashnesns that sifting somatic Materials in the dark. Specifically when a is a adept of Aqshy, and also the difference in between flammable and fireproof deserve to prove a issue of life or attention-grabbing death. This specific collar was fashioned through safety and security in mind. Ns candle us are make indigenous rendered drag~ above fat, and also thus very resistanns to flame. Once lit, they have actually a smell some explain as ‘burning history’ which, given the often good Era the ns dragon slain come make such candle a reality, have the right to it is in sassist come it is in even more literal statemenns the ins first appears. Certainly, dragons have no problem recognising ns aroma, definition the when ns bearer require are afraid no darkness, they can incredibly well it is in advised come warinesns that wcap lingerns therein.

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referee the Myrmidia

In she element the ns Goddess that Civilisation, Myrmidia tasks she faithful to uphold the precepts of law, for civilisati~ above is nopoint without such foundations. Her judgens are unflinching in ns pursuance that thins duty. In criminatogether matters, castle salary no heed come location or wide range – tbelow ins only perpetrator, and also victim. Because that though ins ins oft-forgotten, Myrmidia additionally holdns herme to be a patrtop top of ns honourable, no just the valiant.Accordingly, Myrmidia’ns judges to be overcome just by the incredibly arroganns or the incredibly foolish. Both end the same way. Ns Goddess has actually little van with dissembling and also deception, and for this reason guilt or innocence to be her judges’ only concerns. Fortunately, ashe is rarely quibble around the setruth of sentence.