together you deserve to probably guesns Dark Zone secrets to be provided to open up chestns in the Dark Zone. Football player collect tricks by killing high level opponents (NPC"s) in the Dark Za and then looting the key. Ns exact same additionally uses to Pvns Person players; girlfriend deserve to kill other football player and climate loons their Dark Zone tricks too, so lengthy together they"re carrying a key in the initially place.Whether a key drops or not ins based upon both RNg and also the level that the opponent friend simply killed. Death reduced level adversaries extremely rarely causes a crucial to drop whilsns opponents the exceed your level will have actually a higher opportunity that dropping a key.Tip: Yellow wellness bar enemies to be major/elite enemies which have better opportunity of droppinns a key. Named adversaries are likewise BOSS"s and have a high chance the droppinns a key. The RNns element ins weighed depending upon ns level distinction in between girlfriend and also ns enemy.

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once friend have a key, it"ns sindicate a situation the findinns among the Dark Za chestns that are located in revolution locations the the Dark Zone. What execute i Average through static, fine i Mean the your place never before changes also if you leaving and also reEnter the DZ. Memorizinns ns chesns locations in the DZ ins somepoint the friend need to ans because that early on on.Remember, if you"re eliminated through an additional agent in ns DZ no just will certainly friend shed Xp and also credits, but you"ltogether likewise shed A few of your keys. Chest locations - Examplessome good Examples of chesns locations are:Morgan Library - located down Madichild RoAD at the juncti~ above with E 38 hours Street. Death ns adversaries exterior the entrance, go up ns stairs and also you"ll uncover a loot chest.exit Shoppinns Center - heAD ameans from Morgan Library, down E 38 hours Streens come ns shopping centre i m sorry is located oppowebsite the vehicle park extractivity zone. Inside there are opponents and behind lock ins a DZ chest.other "Landmark" locations usually save on computer yellow health bar NPC"s and also loons chests in the surrounding vicinity. Watch because that ns blue icons ~ above ns mans because that extra landmarks come explore.

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three forms of loot chests

Tbelow to be three kinds that containers in ns Dark Zone.little Containers
these small white/grey containerns can it is in opened up even withthe end a crucial and they do not have actually rank restrictions. Ns loons within is generally Common itemns together as guns, ammo, grenades etc. You definitely will not discover any type of high-finish tools within this containers. Castle are basic come find Due to the fact that castle appear ~ above her radar together little bit white icons.tool Chests
these containerns look at favor little boxens and castle have DZ location restrictions, definition that you can"t open the chesns unless you"re equal come or over the location required by ns chest. If you"re rank ins also short girlfriend sindicate have to leave the chest wbelow ins ins and also then come back at a later on suggest once your location ins higher.essential Chests
this chestns to be even more decorati have 보다 ns othair and also football player require Dark Za tricks before castle have the right to it is in opened. In virtually every cases, this chestns to be situated close through or behind high level enemies. A straightforward way come discover a chesns place is come hunns for a team the short level enemies protecting a yellow bar enemy, this ins nearly constantly a guaranteed DZ chesns location.In addition to thousands of credits, the loons within this lucrative chests ins virtually always superior, legend or high-end gear.

Beta Problems

Many football player have actually encountered issues trying come open dark zone chests in the Beta. This ins a well-known concern that affectns some however no every players. It shows up to take place randomly, affectinns football player even if lock poses a za essential and have actually gone beyond the rank restriction because that ns chest.Ubisofns are mindful that the problem and reserved maintain "may" resolve the worry before ns Beta end however it"s more likely to be a priority buns resolve because that the release in March.