If miss out on only three days, you just gain 100 free Stars, yet skip an additional 2 dayns come gain ns eCoins.

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If girlfriend miss out on even more than five days, you won’ns obtain anything. Store a reminder for yourself!

(ns didn’t gain 500 eCoinns today, however you acquire the idea…)

means to gain complimentary eCoins 

**you’ll require an iPhone/iPod touch/iPAD for this.**

go come the application keep and also downloADVERTISEMENT FantEra IDFone, FantEra Bullseye, walk Karts Racer.

open up ins uns and also click ns eCoins picture. DownloADVERTISEMENT the cost-free apps. It’ll teltogether girlfriend just how many friend have the right to get, relying on the app.

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after ~ did you do it downinvited the apps, open lock and also you’ll obtain your eCoins.

currently you’ll have eCoinns included right into your FantEra account for cost-free