Year before ns Sith Realm launched the good Galactic War, Nico wtogether among the Many commemorated mercenary spacers on ns external Rim. His deedns were legendary, but so to be hins debts, top hns come take it the Most high-threat and also even-higher-reward underworld contract available. Every criminal syndicate indigenous the Hutt Cartetogether down competed because that hins services Because that always delivered the goods, no matter the odds. Ultimately, the was hins undoing. When ns Jedi order assigned astromech droidentifier T7-O1 come a undercover sting procedure together Nico"s co-pilot top top ns Redshifter, occasions conspired to place everya on Korrihalf simply Over time because that the Sith Empire"s damaging go back to Republicly space. Nico personallied conserved Satele Sha and also fled the imperial Fleens come warning Coruscant that the danger--and promptly escaped custody never before to it is in seen again... Until now.

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In the later expansions, players have the right to recruitment many companion to join their alliance, including companion indigenous various other stories.

RetiredAlliance Alert: Mixologicatogether ProfilesRecruitmay be By: every CharactersRequirements: should complete the "to discover a Findsman" Alliance Alerns (Yuun) firsttogether part that SWTOR"ns upcoming development Knightns that ns fallen Empire, a brand-new companion named Nico Okarr will it is in make easily accessible come football player who were actively subscribed ~ above July 31st or august 10th, 2015. Nico wtogether first viewed in SWTOR"ns third trailer Return, where he is gift escorted to a holding cabinet by Satele Shone and also Jace Malcolm. He is the archekind of the smuggler - a gruff-looking, blaster-wieldinns rogue with a hearts of gold.

the Trailer

Nico Okarr: i swear, i hADVERTISEMENT no principle wcap was in those crates, I"m innocent!master Kao Cen Darach: you to be smugglinns Sith artifacts, Captain.Nico Okarr: Fine, store the artifacts. Just gimme earlier mine ship!us recognize incredibly little bit about Nico Okarr - hins component in the trailer ins come recurrent the Smuggler class that football player could choose if lock bought Star Wars: the Old Republic, much favor Jace Malcolmns regift the Trooper class. Us understand that the wtogether captured smugglinns Sith artifacts, effective and pricemuch less prizes that would most likely wind uns in the hand of ns Empire. Ns Star Wars: ns Old Rewindy Encyclopedia likewise states that the worked because that ns Hutns Cartel.
Niko Okarr and some current inGame blasters the to be comparable to his trailer pistols. Visit tor-fashion to check out blaster pistols girlfriend have the right to acquire ingame.
Knights the the collapse Empire growth Images, consisting of Nico together a companion, Nico"ns Duster Coat, and also Nico"s guns... I m sorry are various native ns ones in ns trailer and in ns promo image.the wears a cowyoung hat and also duster coat, and wieldns duel blaster pistols (like the Gunslinger progressed Class). He a professional marksman when functioning with Jace Malcolm, and also once provided wise orders he adheres to them. Hins pistolns in ns trailer glow to complement his bracers, and also to be different than the onens that to be easily accessible as a subscriptitop top gifns with KOTFE. His hat, coat, and also bracers have clues that technology top top them, for this reason we deserve to i think he"ns acquired part tricks up hins sleeve.
he additionally was able to get his shins the end of a tighns situation effectively - eitshe by ability or by Smuggler"s Luck, we"ltogether never recognize for sure.Jace Malcolm: our shuttles can not out run those fighters.Nico Okarr: *dramatic cough* Well, guesns who"s got the fascheck ship in ns sector.
Nico Okarr: mine ship!understand Kao Cen Darach: will sthat fly?Nico Okarr: She"ns not pretty, yet she"ns tough.
the wtogether aided through the astromech T7-01, that wtogether owned by ns Jedns master Gnost-Dural. T7-01 later becomes one of ns Jedi Knight"ns companions.T7, prep the I~ above Cannons. ~ above twater tap weapons - now! - Nico Okarr
the wtogether voiced by man DiMaggio, who is Most well known because that playing ns voice of Bender on Futurama. The has additionally to be ns voice cream of basic Grievouns and also Padawan Sha"A Gns in the Star Wars: Clone Wars series.

Brief Story Blog: Vacation

ns Quick story holidays wtogether ns initially tins Nico Okarr wtogether stated outside of the trailer, through a surpclimbing twist halfmeans through, and also fine worth the read.even by outer Rim standards, ns Sarlacc and invited cantina wtogether considered the end the the line. Smoke sullying by ns stench the bodily fluidns and putri would food struck the nostrils...
the story follows ns search for Niko Okarr.“have you heard ns surname Nico Okarr before?”the Snare’ns hand also jerked increase come grAbdominal ns crmodify mid-toss. His fist lingered for a moment, gripping the coin prior to the slipped the currency into hins overcoin ~ pocket. In ~ the worn rns the his hat, the hunter let a laugh slip. “once or twice. Those he to you?”Seamus’ bheat hardened. “A thief. A I’d like apprehended. Ns called she the finest at finding human being who nothing wish to be found.”the Snto be swung his feens off the tmaybe and leaned front to take a swig from the bottle. “People, sure, yet she searching for a legend. As soon as it concerns Nico Okarr--difficult to decipher those fact or fiction.”“Wcap he stole native mine household was actual enough.” Seamus duns hins table of contents finger right into ns table. Vhonu’ns leg bounced.Rubbing the stubble on his chin, ns Snare pursed his lips. “It’s individual then.”“It’s a job. That’s every you must know,” Vhonu snapped.Seamus shot Vhonu a look. SmMilitary as the Snare could be, castle essential him. For months you will do it chased ns gorganize the Nico Okarr through no luck. Vhonu wtogether a capable bodyguard, however lock necessary a tracker--and somea ready come store ns project hush-hush. “Okarr would certainly be one old-timer now, however as friend said, he’s a legend. Thsquid of what this can Median because that her reputation.”Nico"ns prowesns in combat ins likewise prcooktop aget in Vacation,Nico moved much faster 보다 a heartbeat. His knee kicked up the table come block Vhonu’s shot, while hins lefns hand also caught ns blaster formerly relaxing on ns surface. That unholstered his various other pistol with a spin, set it to stun, climate fired specifically 2 shots over hins makeShift barricade.ns shots were mens with two thudns and also a scurry that footmeasures from the Sarlacc’ns Main bar. Nico counted come 3 prior to standing come assess ns damage.ns critical little bit that interest details us gain native Vacation ins around Nico"ns age.a huge crease marred Seamus’ otherwise sofns forehead. Hins mind at the same time recognized ns infamous smuggler’s face, however garbage hins explanation. “it is a impossible. She too young.”Nico Okarr sighead and spun the now north party ~ above the table. “understand what it's okay old? civilization always evaluate me by mine looks.”What thins indicates is anyone"s guess... That can have to be frozen in carbonite for a time, gone through underpeople surgery, or simply lookns younns for hins age.

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Nico Okarr as a Compani~ above in KOTFE

every we know is that Nico Okarr will be make accessible as a companitop top come players who were actively subscribed ~ above ns dates July 3first or respectable 10th, 2015. Extremely little else has been said around him. In ~ a Gamescom interview in Colgone, Germany, Jamens Ohlen of SWTOR stated something the around translates to "best currently just ns Below ideal currently thing, no various other plans past that." us know that companions to be goinns to go through a huge readjust in KOTFE... Some old ones will be lost, part brand-new ones will certainly it is in gained, and your alternative the companion will it is in forever before changed.

Update: Recruitinns Nico Okarr as a Companion

If friend to be eligible (subscribed on July 3first or respectable 10th, 2015), girlfriend will certainly gain a token to include Nico come her party through her inVideo Game mail, or friend deserve to get hns with the story after thing 9 with ns Alliance device alerts.