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Destiny 2 update 2.2.1 just wenns live, and also through ins comes ns return of ns Thundermr Exotic Machine pistol questline. In thins guide, we"ll Outline the measures forced come obtain ns pistol and explain why it"s a worthwhile enhancement come your arsenal.

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how come start ns Thundermr Exotic search

to begin the quest, sindicate visins Amanda Hollijob at the Tower. She"ll administer girlfriend with a Exotic search items called newspaper the the Reef Cryptarch. It"s associated through ns lost Cryptarch quest step.

ns lost Cryptarch

Finishing thins part the the pursuit ins quite easy, and sindicate requires friend to obtain 10 legend or Exotic Engrams. Because that Most Guardians, the quickest means to gain those is come wait for a please public event in ns EDZ and kill as many complicated yellow-bar enemies as friend can.

If you"re a truly dedicated Guardian, though, friend have the right to likewise gain the Engrams you require by visiting master Rahootogether and also decrypting 10 legendary Engramns for a complete of 250 legend Shards. If you"d quite not spend that many kind of shards, friend can likewise integrate both methods.

finish 4 lost Sectors

the following step calls for friend come complete the Atrium, Terminus eastern and also Widow"ns walk lost Sectorns in the Trostland area the ns EDZ. Complete this in any bespeak you like, and also it is in certain come collection the Chests and death ns bosses at ns end. Use the map listed below if friend require assist locatinns any type of the the Sectors.


the Atrium, Terminus east and also Widow"s walk shed Sectorns are situated here.Bungie/Mischuff Gaminns
YouTubeafter friend complete this three lost Sectors, you"ltogether must visit a Fourth one in the outskirts location dubbed Whispered Falls. This ins where that one ins located.


the Whispered falls lost area is situated here.Bungie/Mischuff Gaming

the final lost Cryptarch step

lost Sectors complete, visins Amanda aobtain and she"ltogether mark a section that the Whispered falls sector ~ above her map. It"ns by ns Winding Cove Landing Za in ns EDZ in between ns cove and also ns Outskirts. Girlfriend don"t have to bein ~ this one. Simply run come the end and also activate the pad.

the Cosmodrome

Surprise! Welcome ago to the Cosmodrons native the Initial Destiny. This is the real Exotic quest, however it"s reasonably straightforward. Just save death enemies come proceed with the area. In ~ some point you"ll need to kill a yellow-bar Shank to damage a shield to obtain to the following section.

loss Kikliss, Murderer come get the Thundermr Engram.Bungie/KackisHD
YouTubeEventually you"ltogether revery a collapse boss enrespond to referred to as Kikliss, Murderer. Ins isn"t extremely hard, but it withstandns many damage. Players must also it is in mindful of high-level Servitors too. Just defeat ns Main foes, and you"ll be instructed come escape ns Cosmodrons with the means girlfriend come in.

end up the pursuit by return come Amanda come acquire the Thundermr Exotic Engram.

around the Thunderlord

when you have actually it, ns Thunderlord is a good enhancement come her Dessmall 2 arsenal. Here"ns a Rapid recap the its exclusive right and traits.

Thunderlord"s regime destruction perk ins great because that include control.Bungie/KackisHD
YouTubereign Havoc: death with thins weap~ above generate lightninns strikens from above.Polygonal Rifling: rises StabilityArmor-Piercing Rounds: rounds reason extra damage come combatants" shields and also overpermeate targets. Seasy increases range.Lightninns Rounds: Thins weaptop top firens much faster and also more that s right ns much longer ns trigger ins held. Consistent damages geneprices lightning strikes.Feedinns Frenzy: kills via thins weapon increase reloADVERTISEMENT speed because that a Short time.In terms of general use, then, the Thundermr situates itself together a great PvE pistol because that include control and also killing bosses. Its reign havoc perk kills numerous enemies at once, if Lightning ring allow Guardians come carry out more sustained damage. Overall, thins ins one awesome pistol come have.

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Destiny 2 is easily accessible currently top top PS4, Xbox one and PC. The Thundermr search ins live now ~ above every platforms.

to be friend maybe to end up ns Thundermr pursuit in Destiny 2? Wcap to be her thoughts on this Exotic Machine Gun? Tell us in ns comments section!